The Things that Bring the Most Joy at Home

The Things that Bring the Most Joy at Home

When we moved in to our apartment it was an empty shell, it takes a while to make a place a home; we’ve been living in our apartment for eighteen months now and it’s finally feeling like ours. I shared an apartment tour not so long after moving in and so much has changed since them (although somehow we still haven’t managed to finish all the painting, oops.)

I want to post a new, updated apartment tour because I love this little place of ours we’ve made. Until then I wanted share some of the things in our home that bring me the most joy.

House Plants
I’ve amassed quite a few plants and by “quite a few” I mean they are everywhere and I just keep adding more. I’m secretly trying to create my own botanical garden.. In all seriousness, plants bring me a lot of joy. I’ve learned a lot about choosing the right plants and how to care for houseplants properly; it’s an absolute joy to see new buds emerging on my orchids, growth spurts in my succulents, and watching my aloe vera try to take over the entire bookcase (that thing is out of control.)

Good Food
Having a fully stocked, healthy and wholesome kitchen with the fridge and cupboards packed to the brim is enough to make anyone smile. We shop locally and try to buy seasonal produce only from the market; we cook fresh and experiment with our food. There are a few cookbooks I really recommend picking up if you, like us, appreciate fresh food and healthy dishes.

The Things that Bring the Most Joy at Home

I love animals and I’ve always had pets as a child so it makes sense I feel most at home when animals are around. We have two guinea pigs who are little idiots and I love them dearly. Pets are known to reduce stress and anxiety, they increase levels of serotonin and dopamine, which make up happy and calm. Having these two guys around is an absolute pleasure, seeing their adorable little faces every morning is a joy.

I am a little obsessed with making sure the apartment smells good. Our living room and kitchen are joined plus our apartment is also home to two little furry pigs, so it’s super important to keep things smelling fresh. I buy huge Yankee candles, always in fresh or floral scents, which I burn for a few hours each day to keep the place smelling clean. My favourite scents are Fresh Rose and White Linen.

Personal Touches
Our friends are super creative people, we have a whole heap of gifted items from them on show in our living room: photographs, embroidery, garlands, prints, parts of costumes left over from our house parties, and even a taxidermy kestrel. We also have an awesome polaroid photo wall on a pillar in our living room, featuring photographs of our friends who come to visit. All these things remind us of the wonderful creative people we choose to share our lives with.