What Is A Creative Lifestyle Blog?

October 05, 2015

What Is A Creative Lifestyle Blog?
What Is A Creative Lifestyle Blog?

Ever since this blog stopped being purely about beauty and started discussing new creativity and business focused content I began to refer to it as a ‘creative lifestyle blog.’ For a long while, I felt a little silly calling it that because what does it even mean? And does the genre even exist? I couldn’t find anyone in my immediate circle who identified with the term and the major blog readers certainly do not recognise the category.

For me, the definition of a creative lifestyle blog is “a blog written by a creative* who writes about aspects of their lifestyle in specific relation to their creativity.” These blogs might share personal content but they’re focused on sharing their creative projects and work in progress, providing advice and guidance, revealing secrets of the trade, explaining their industry's processes, and taking the readers behind the scenes.

A creative lifestyle blog combines elements of the traditional lifestyle genre with design, business, DIY and crafts, art, and photography. The focus is on the interest in living a creative lifestyle and revealing the inner workings of what it means to be a creative and to live a lifestyle built around and focused on creativity.

For a while, I felt unsettled about this blog no longer fitting neatly into any of the major blog categories and I wondered whether the personal content sitting alongside business advice and blogging tips made any sense. Once I got over my awkwardness at identifying this blog as a ‘creative lifestyle blog’ the the more I realised we've got to do everything in the way that feels right to us as individuals, even if it doesn't make any sense at first. I also realised how important and influential this category of blogging can be.

Creative lifestyle blogging has the power to encourage, support, and guide amateurs and hobbyists and allow professionals to share their experience and pass their knowledge on to others. Creative blogging can break down barriers, dispel the myths, and encourage others to welcome a little creativity into their lives. Creativity isn’t about having a natural gift, it’s about practise; if creative blogging inspires someone and helps encourage them to try something new, that’s got to be a good thing.

* a “creative” being someone who activity pursues creativity, whether it’s professionally or as a hobbyist/amateur.

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