Let’s Stop Comparing Ourselves to Others

Let’s Stop Comparing Ourselves to Others

Comparison is an ugly thing but something we find ourselves doing all too easily. When it's not done to inspire or motivate, it can become an unhealthy habit that is hard to break, yet a contented life is one that is free from negative comparison. Here are three simple reasons we should stop comparing ourselves to others:

It’s Damaging and Soul-Destroying

Creativity is not a competition and comparing our creativity to someone else’s is destructive. We all wish we were better at something we suck at and admire others who have the skills we don’t but that does not make us a failure. Creativity is unique to each individual and we should acknowledge and value our personal creativity instead of trying to compete against others.

It’s Not Based on True Facts

Everything we share online is edited, we omit things and exaggerate others, we don’t quite ever share the entire story. The reality is often very different to what we share online. Comparing ourselves to these little snippets of a story is useless; making assumptions about other people’s lives is dangerous. If we’re trying to compare our entire life to a single highlight reel, that is always going to make us feel bad.

It’s a Waste of Time

How we compare to others doesn’t matter, the goal in life isn’t to be “better than” other people, it’s to be the best person we possibly can be. Whenever we spend our time comparing ourselves to someone else and evaluating our worth based on how we measure up to others, we will always be unhappy with what we have achieved. If we’re constantly chasing after what someone else has, we forget what is most important, which is to be happy and content with who we are.