11 Productive Things You Can Do During The Holidays

11 Productive Things You Can Do Over The Holidays
11 Productive Things You Can Do Over The Holidays

The holidays are a time for relaxation, recuperation, and forgetting about work. Yet it's also the perfect time to tackle those things you usually don't have or make time for. Here are 11 productive things you can do over the holidays that can set you up for a fresh start.

Set Goals

Taking a little time out to consider your ambitions and set some clear goals is the best way of setting yourself up for success in the new yet. Set realistic, achievable targets you can commit to by breaking down big goals into smaller, manageable milestones will help you stay focused and on track.

Schedule Appointments

Clear some space in your diary to schedule in appointments before all your time is taken up with everything else. Get all those boring yet essential appointments scheduled in so you can forget about them until the day.

Plan Vacations and Day Trips

While making time in your yearly schedule for essential appointments, why not plan in some vacation time? Block off time in the year for a vacation or even weekends where you can escape daily life for a day trip somewhere. Relaxation is just as important as work, make sure you make time for it in your schedule before it gets eaten up by work commitments.

Arrange to Meet Long-Distance Friends

Maintaining close friendships is important and taking time to nurture them is important; reconnect with long-distant friends and family, arrange to meet up or at least have that long-overdue phone conversation you've both been promising each other.

Take Up A New Hobby

Use your spare time during the holiday season to try something new, something you've always wanted to have a go at but can never find the time. Put your free time to good use and take up a new hobby purely for pleasure.

Do a Digital Declutter

Overhaul your computer and devices by giving them a digital declutter. Delete files, organise folders, and transfer files to storage; unsubscribe from mailing lists, reply to long standing emails, and clean up your desktop. It's amazing what a difference a digital declutter can make.

Build New Habits into a Daily Routine

Habits can take a long time to form and need to be incorporated into your daily routine for them to stick permanently. Even simple habits require consistency and perseverance; the holidays is a great time to start building these into your daily routine before the new year hits.

Learn a New Skill

Just like taking up a new hobby, it can be difficult to find the time to learn new skills even though they could change your life. Use your spare time during the holidays to start learning a new skill that could benefit you personally or advance your career.

Start an Exercise Routine

We all promise ourselves we'll "exercise more," but how many of us actually do it? Make use of your spare time by getting yourself into an exercise routine that will stay with you long into the new year.

Catch Up On Reading

Getting around to all those books you promised yourself you'd read can be tough and isn't always at the top of your to-do list. Whether it's classic literature, cult classics, or digital articles, grab something to read this holiday, bundled up on the sofa, and work your way through that to-read list.

Listen to Podcasts

If you're new to podcasts or a longtime listener, explore new podcasts and engage with new content this holiday. There's something for everyone with true crime, comedy, news, facts, business, blogging, and general discussion. Here a few listening suggestions to get you started.