9 Simple Winter Hacks

December 19, 2015

9 Simple Winter Hacks

As a homeowner, the cold of winter can be incredibly bothersome and trying to keep it warm can be difficult. Here are a few simple winter hacks to save on heating and help keep your home toasty this winter.

#1 Bundle up indoors by layering up clothes to get warm before turning on the heating.
#2 Leave the oven door open after cooking to take advantage of the extra heat.
#3 Keep curtains open during daytime to capitalise on the warmth of the sun.
#4 Switch to heavy curtains in winter to block out the cold and keep the warmth in.
#5 Use a hot water bottle to heat the bed before you get in.
#6 Pile blankets onto the couch to create a warm nest to snuggle into.
#7 Heat only the rooms you use by strategically turning off radiators.
#8 Fill in spaces where there are drafts.
#9 Use tin foil behind radiators to reflect back the heat.

Adding a sheet of tinfoil to the back of radiators is super easy to do and so effective it can save a pounds from your electricity bill. British Gas asked me to share this simple winter hack in an easy-to-follow video.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with British Gas

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