Luxurious Ways to Relax

5 Luxurious Ways to Relax

Taking time off for a little self-care shouldn’t be a luxury although unfortunately it is for a lot of people. There are no “quick and easy” ways to relax; if you really want to to de-stress and properly unwind it takes time. Relaxation is essential to our rejuvenation so invest in yourself and indulge in these luxurious ways to relax.

1 | Light a Candle

Smell is linked to memory and can provoke an emotional response and influence your mood. Light a candle with a pleasant fragrance that encourages a positive emotional effect; pick your favourite scent and fill the room with it. Candles can be luxurious without breaking the bank, don’t literally burn your money by buying popular yet overpriced candles. Choose to support an independent brand that hand pours in small batches such as Cocofour. Their Sandalwood + Musk candle* featuring top notes of caramelised amber and honeyed sweet white musks creates the perfect atmosphere for a luxurious bath. Alternatively their Fireside soy candle* has a delicate smoky scent perfect for curling up on the sofa with a good book.

5 Luxurious Ways to Relax

2 | Run a Bath

Taking a long soak in a hot bath is a powerful way to relax. Hot water improves blood circulation and soothes over-stretched muscles and joint pain. Bathing can reduce headaches, help with flu or cold symptoms, and can help us fall asleep faster. Indulge in your bath by introducing luxurious products such as the MOA Fortifying Green Bath Potion*. This invigorating herbal blend infused with peppermint, fennel, fir needle, and sweet birch will help to refresh, tone, relax, and calm. If having a bath isn’t your thing, a hot shower with body oils such as the L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil or Fushi Cold Pressed Organic Avocado Oil can work wonders.

3 | Have a Facial

Take a little time out during your bath or after your shower to indulge in facial treatments and reinvigorate your complexion. Hot water and steam will allow products to become more effective; apply a face mask followed by an indulgent facial oil, massaging into the face and neck. The MOA Aphrodite Facial Oil* is a natural formula ideal for sensitive skin prone to redness and blemishes. The blend of rosehip, damask rose, yarrow, and geranium will nourish the skin, smooth fine lines, and regenerate the complexion - a real treat for the skin. Follow this 3-step skincare routine for more indulgent product suggestions.

5 Luxurious Ways to Relax

4 | Cozy Up

Getting comfortable and cozy after a warm bath and luxurious facial is totally dreamy and sets you up for a great night’s sleep. Wrap yourself up in a soft dressing gown and slip on a pair of fluffy slippers like this Sleep & Soak Luxury Bathrobe* and Sheepskin Slippers* combination, then surround yourself with soft blankets and plump cushions and curl up on the sofa or bed to read a book, listen to a podcast, or watch a film. The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

5 | Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleeping well is important to our health and well-being; you might need new sheets, fluffier pillows, or maybe some strict rules about no phones or laptops in the bedroom. Learn what works for you and strive to get the best night’s sleep you have ever had. Looking for some tips? Read the secret to sleeping better.