What Is A Minimal Wardrobe?

March 04, 2016

What Is A Minimal Wardrobe?

A minimal wardrobe is about every item in your wardrobe having a purpose and being worn regularly. For some people that might mean creating a capsule wardrobe comprised of a very few items, for others it's about having however many items it takes to create a functional wardrobe.

Whether you need several dozens items or less than twenty, a minimal wardrobe is all about what you have versus what you actually use. It's about removing clothing that you don't wear, no longer love, or have grown tired and old. A minimal wardrobe is curated to make you feel good in everything you wear. Each piece is thoughtfully selected and consciously purchased taking into account the purpose it must serve, the quality of material used and how well it is made, as well as its durability and practical use.

No two minimal wardrobes will look alike. The core essentials and additional pieces may look completely different and the price tags will vary greatly. A minimal wardrobe is about personalising our clothing choices, it's about honing our personal style, developing our colour palette, and finding a method that works for us, as individuals.

Slow fashion is at the core of the minimal wardrobe. While a capsule wardrobe restricts how many items you have and requests you rotate them seasonally, a minimal wardrobe is built gradually and purposefully, placing the focus on needs rather than wants. There are no rules on how many items your wardrobe should contain only that what you do own must be well fitting, of good quality, and purchased consciously. The result is a functional wardrobe with high quality pieces that make the wearer look and feel good yet remain practical and purposeful.

What Is A Minimal Wardrobe?

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