Making A Basic Wardrobe Less Boring

5 Ideas To Make Your Basic Wardrobe Less Boring
5 Ideas To Make Your Basic Wardrobe Less Boring

Basic doesn’t have to mean boring. Creating a minimal wardrobe with a few key pieces worn on constant rotation doesn’t mean your style has to become repetitive. Monotony is born from being unimaginative; if you’ve become stuck in a rut with your outfit choices, here are five tips for making your basic wardrobe less boring.

5 Ideas To Make Your Basic Wardrobe Less Boring

1. Choose Accessories

Add variety with jewellery, belts, and scarves. A few key pieces can make all the difference when styling an outfit. Switch things up by introducing a selection of accessories, which can be mixed and matched between various outfits. Always avoid trend-based, low quality accessories and opt for timeless styles although don’t be scared of introducing statement pieces. Start building a collection of accessories, carefully selected over time, such as timeless jewellery pieces, a classic watch, or patterned/colour-block scarves, which can be switched up between outfits to refresh your style.

2. Welcome Colour

Although it’s tempting to stay firmly within our dedicated colour palette, adding a little extra doesn’t have to be dramatic or scary. A flair of colour can be added with accessories or clothing - think block colours that pop or muted colours that complement neutral tones - but it can also be introduced in a more subtle way through make-up. Wearing a bold shade of lipstick can transform the way we feel about our outfit choice as can a complimentary blush or smokey eye; it’s a small change that can make a huge difference.

5 Ideas To Make Your Basic Wardrobe Less Boring

3. Build Layers

Combine clothes by overlapping them in layers. Make use of the various styles and cuts of your garments to produce alternative looks and create more diversity within your wardrobe. By swapping pieces in and out within different combinations you can achieve entirely unique outfits. Another simple yet effective way of ridding yourself of the repetition of wearing the exact same outfit on a regular basis.

4. Add Texture

Add a little extra to your outfits by switching up the textures of the clothes you buy. The subtle difference between smooth cottons, plain weaves, textured knits, or woven fabrics can really change the way an outfit looks and feels. Mix textures, build layers, and switch up materials to experiment with your style. This is a useful solution for people who want a less dramatic alternative to adding colour or statement accessories.

5 Ideas To Make Your Basic Wardrobe Less Boring

5. Get Playful

Don’t be afraid to let your personality show; find ways of adding little flairs of personality to your style in a manner you feel most comfortable with. While you might want to stick with specific cuts from a defined colour palette, introducing something a little different - like patterned/colour tights or cute socks - is a playful way of refreshing your wardrobe and making it less boring.