A Happier Work-Life Balance

Tips For A Happier Work-Life Balance

Feeling overwhelmed is a common occurrence when we haven’t got our work-life balance right. Although it’s doubtful there will ever be complete peace between the two, there are ways we can make it more harmonious for longer. Here are seven ways to achieve a happier work-life balance.

1 | Banish Time Saps

If you’re struggling to get everything done look at what your biggest time saps are. Are you just wasting time? Segregate the tasks that sap most of your time and dedicate specific times of the day where you allow yourself to check them. Emails and social media are often the two biggest distractions and least productive so do something about it and stop letting them drain you.

2 | Done Is Better Than Perfect

Not everything requires us to agonise over it; stop trying to be perfect and just get it done, whatever it is. While there is something to be said for paying attention to even the smallest of details - it is, after, all what takes something good to something great - getting it done is sometimes better than getting it perfect. Complete those two minute tasks and move onto something more worthy of your time.

3 | Outsource and Delegate

You might think you can do everything but you can’t; don’t be a martyr. Think of chores you can pass on to others who don’t mind helping out or work tasks you could outsource to lighten the load. You don’t have to do everything yourself, there is no shame in getting help and if it means you can regain a happier work-life balance it’s a win-win situation.

4 | Get Organised

If you need to restore balance in your life, getting organised can get make sure you’re being smart with your time. Working long hours doesn’t equal working hard or smart; prioritise your tasks, allow yourself a fair amount of time to complete them, and do away with the less productive activities. A little effort spent organising might result in more time doing the things you love and less time doing the things you hate.

5 | Say “No."

Sometimes we say “yes” once too often and find ourselves with far too much to deal with. There is nothing more damaging than agreeing to a project and then failing to deliver on our promise. Before you agree to take on yet another task, think it over. Does it really benefit you? Does it enhance your life or just serve as another distraction? Can you really deliver without sacrificing quality or your own happiness?

6 | Rethink Your Rules

If you have rules you feel you need to abide by, like answering emails within a certain time frame or having a lightening fast turn around for projects, rethink these rules and ask yourself whether they are a help or a hinderance. We often apply pressures to ourselves we wouldn’t dream of inflicting on others. Be a little more flexible and give yourself a break.

7 | Schedule Downtime

When you leave your work place leave the work there with it. Closure between the end of a working day and the start of your personal downtime is crucial for achieving a healthier, happier work-life balance. It also gives our minds time to think over problems subconsciously; valuable downtime is crucial to our overall wellbeing and shouldn’t be neglected.