Updating My Minimal Wardrobe

April 22, 2016

Updating My Minimal Wardrobe
Updating My Minimal Wardrobe

I am constantly purging, organising, and reassessing my minimal wardrobe. I hang onto pieces that aren’t quite right until I find others, of better quality, to replace them with. I invest cautiously and with great consideration. I no longer keep a wish list and instead make a mental note of the items I feel my wardrobe is missing or could benefit from; I focus on finding these, and only these, pieces. I replace basics when I need them and have developed a good sense of when my wardrobe needs upgrading or downsizing.

I haven’t been sticking to the original ‘5 pieces per season’ rule of my minimal wardrobe guide - in a good way; I feel like the ‘5 pieces’ rule fits in more with the capsule wardrobe method (something that doesn’t sit well with me - a post on this coming soon!) Right now I prefer to pick up pieces if and when I need them, it gives me a little more room to concentrate on choosing the right pieces and making thoughtful purchases.

Updating My Minimal Wardrobe

Boden Sophia Bag*

My typical day-to-day bag is a Kanken Mini, although practical it’s not quite the same as having the option of a pretty handbag. My options, until now, were slim and none as roomy as this Boden Sophia Bag. This cross-body bag offers plenty of room and the adjustable strap means it can be worn comfortably. Just like its description “this bag is the prettiest version of practical.” - roomy, functional, and pretty plus it matches my outfits perfectly.

Updating My Minimal Wardrobe

Monki Flat Strap Sandals

Summer is coming (I hope) and I’m tired of shlepping about in heavy shoes that make my feet hot. A simple pair of black sandals to keep my feet cool were exactly what I needed; these Monki Flat Strap Sandals are comfortable and although casual not so casual I feel underdressed. I could easily wear these with any outfit and still feel dressed appropriately for most occasions.

Updating My Minimal Wardrobe

The Whitepepper Nigiri Stripe Crop Top*

I’m not usually one for stripes yet this slightly cropped black and white striped top with onigiri appliqué has become a cute addition to my wardrobe. When I require an extra thin layer on cooler days, I reach for this. The high neck, long sleeves, regular fit, and lightweight fabric means I can throw it on over the top of outfits without fear of overheating. It’s comfortable and casual, just what my wardrobe was missing.

Monki Box Jumper

I have worn this jumper to death, it’s become my go-to for throwing on over the top of pretty much every outfit I wear. The Monki Box Jumper has a padded texture with slightly cropped sleeves, box cut with wide collar making it one of my absolute favourite pieces ever to have owned.

Updating My Minimal Wardrobe

Ted Baker Resin Bar Clutch

I quickly realised my wardrobe severely lacked a suitable handbag/clutch for more formal evenings occasions. I have a vintage handbag, which although lovely, is beginning to look a little tatty and worn so a replacement was quickly sought. As a principle, I do not buy new leather goods, which can make purchasing a new bag a little tricky. I love the design of this Ted Baker fold-over clutch with gold detailing, snap fastening, monochrome floral interior, and a detachable gold snake chain strap.

Updating My Minimal Wardrobe

Monki Chelsea Boots

Another item I have been wearing to death lately are these Monki Chelsea Boots. Classic, black, simple, they work nicely whether I'm running errands, hanging with friends, or going on a dinner date. I love how functional and comfortable these boots are. They pair well with any outfit and even though they are technically a casual footwear option, they don't feel out of place when worn with smart dresses or work wear.

Updating My Minimal Wardrobe

Klarf All Black Watch*

Accessories are my thing and this all black mesh strap Klarf watch has become one of my favourites. I love the simple design, clean lines, and all-black interface; it’s a classic accessory that pairs well with my entire wardrobe and I’ve found myself wearing it pretty much daily.

Oh My Clumsy Heart Gold Coin Necklace

I switch up my jewellery regularly (one of the many perks of owning a jewellery business!) and while the Giant Triangle Necklace will always be a firm favourite of mine, lately I have been wearing the Gold Coin Necklace. It’s small and discreet yet adds a little extra to outfits. Sometimes I layer it up with a couple of other pieces although worn alone it has a delicate understated appearance.

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