Switch To Green HouseHold Products and Save Money

Make The Switch To Green HouseHold Products and Save Money

If you’re someone who rolls they eyes at “eco-friendly” cleaning supplies and thinks environmentally friendly “green” products don’t do as good a job as the standard supermarket varieties, I hear you. I’m not someone who typically opts for the most ethical brands when it comes to household supplies; as much as I’d love to be someone who cares deeply about the products I use to clean my home, if it doesn’t do the job properly then I won’t use it - eco-friendly or not. I don’t have the patience for underperforming cleaning products, because who does?

I’m slowly trying to make the switch to better-for-the-environment, ethically-conscious household essentials, from all-purpose cleaners right down to paper towels. From previous experience of buying green cleaning products, it’s become clear a lot of them are appallingly bad at doing their jobs. I have been very reluctant to try again despite knowing it’s bad for the environment and our health to continue buying bacteria-laden sponges, disposable towels, and bleached toilet paper. But if you find the right products, you can have a “greener” home and save money, which means it’s good for us and the planet.

Purchase From One Place

You can order everything you need altogether, avoid the supermarket aisles, and get it delivered straight to your door leaving you to do the fun food shop minus the heavy bags. My choice is: Ethical Superstore. Free shipping over £50, reward points, and clearly labelled guides depending on whether you’re looking for fair-trade, organic, vegan-friendly, or locally produced items. I haven’t been paid to promote (I hate having to say that) I just really like the service and range of products available - other options are available.

Bulk Buy

You’ll save a lot of money even if that first order stings a bit. Bulk buying saves you money in the long run and reduces plastic waste, particularly when you buy all-purpose sanitiser, washing up liquid, and toilet paper - things you’re always going to need. Even if you’re not bothered about green options, I’d recommend bulk buying to everyone. If there’s one thing I loathe more than actually cleaning my home it’s buying household supplies; bulk buying gets that out of the way in one fell swoop, no more thinking about it for another six or so months.

Ditch Paper Towels

They are durable, reusable, and multi-purpose. Reuseable bamboo towels are a compromise between cloth napkins (which are more effort than they’re worth) and paper towels; you can use them to wipe down work surfaces, clean the bathroom, or to use as dinner serviettes. Rinsing in a little soap and water after use and hang over the tap to dry until the next time you need to use it, no more bacteria-ridden sponges being used to clean your surfaces - perfect. Plus they look way nicer than those neon sponge monstrosities and we all know aesthetics matter.

Switch To Using A Laundry Egg

Allergy certified, kind to your clothes, UK made, and a Laundry Egg is a much cheaper alternative to traditional laundry detergents. No messy liquid to handle or powder that leaves white marks on your clothes if you don’t get the settings just right. If you have heavily soiled or stained clothes, your wash cycle is going to need a little extra help than the laundry egg can provide on its own (the same can be said for any detergent, right?) but for the average cycle, this works perfectly well.