How To Use Social Media More Effectively and Consciously

You can choose how social media makes you feel. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the noise that is online, take a step back and create some boundaries that will help you to deal with the overwhelm and develop a more conscious approach towards using social media.

Curate Social Media Feeds

Be more selective about the accounts you choose to follow; unfollow, mute, or block people or businesses that invade your personal space and have a negative impact on your day. Choose to follow accounts that are positive and encouraging, which enable you to feel inspired, uplifted, or empowered by their content. We have the option to opt-out of a lot of the noise, use that power to curate a timeline you enjoy seeing.

Turn Notifications Off

By default a lot of apps have notifications switched on, turn these distractions off. We have a tendency to check notifications as soon as they appear whether we need to or not, which increases our time spent online and on social media. Check social media on your terms instead of relying on unnecessary updates, which break the flow of your day and disrupts your life.

Limit Time Spent Online

Moving away from the noise online is the easiest way to avoid overwhelm but not always quite so easy to do. Limiting the time we spend online helps us focus on being more intentional and conscious when we’re there. Reduce the frequency of how often you check social media and you’ll find yourself to be more engaged and less overwhelmed.

Creation Before Consumption

Be intentional with the time you spend online engaging on social media. Create content worth sharing before consuming other people’s. A good work around for this is to use a scheduling service (like Buffer) to schedule and queue posts, it allows you to bypass checking into specific social media platforms just to share content.

Be Intentional

Make a conscious effort to use social media in an active, positive way; share, like, retweet, and comment on content that inspires or uplifts you. Be certain to verify the things you share or retweet to make sure what you’re sharing is accurate and not a misrepresentation of facts. Be kind and engage proactively, social media is an amazing way to connect with people, to share and to learn, if used intentionally and with purpose.