On Gifting and Blogging

August 02, 2016

On Gifting and Blogging

As bloggers, we are offered and gifted a bounty of treasures from clothing to beauty products to home decor items, and even holidays. I wanted to address receiving gifts as a minimal lifestyle blogger.

For me, blogging has always been a balance between the personal and the collective; I blog not only for myself, to document parts of my life and share experiences, but also to bring enjoyment or information to the readers. So when a collaboration is proposed it's not a simple case of "do I want/need this?" it's also a question of "will this be of interest to my readers?" I work with brands I love and want to promote, brands and products I believe in and think would interest my readers, the "free" stuff is always only ever an added bonus.

When I accept gifted items I enjoy sharing them on the blog. I’ll write style advice and share product reviews, and if it’s something I truly love I’ll wear it regularly or use it until it’s all gone; there’s nothing wrong with receiving gifts when we have a use for them. If I find something isn’t quite to my taste or feel overwhelmed by the amount I own, I pass these things on to friends and family who will enjoy them more.

But it’s all too easy to become swamped with more stuff that we possibly need. I’ve started to decline more of the gifts I’m offered and started to become more ruthless with passing on the ones I do accept when I find I have too many. While it’s wonderful to have the opportunity to work with brands, test products, and share reviews, we have an obligation as bloggers not to encourage the consumer culture of excess and to promote a more thoughtful approach to consumerism.

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