The Ultimate List of True Crime Podcasts

The Ultimate List of True Crime Podcasts

Stay sexy. Don't get murdered.

My original post on true crime podcasts is my most popular blog post to date. Since my love for true crime has only grown and grown during the past year I thought I would update the playlist to create the ultimate list of true crime podcasts.

Where possible I've directly linked to the podcast's website for you to listen online before having to subscribe first. If you find podcasts you enjoy listening to, please review them. Most of the hosts are creating this content for free; subscribing, rating, and reviewing their podcast really helps them to grow, which means more episodes for you to listen to.

My current favourites include: My Favourite Murder, S'laughter, Thinking Sideways, True Crime Garage, and The Generation Why.

Straight Up Murder

Each episode explores a grisly true crime case.

· All Killa No Filla: hosted by Rachel Fairburn and Kiri Pritchard-McLean
· The Apex & the Abyss: hosted by Erika G.
· A Stab In The Dark: hosted by Mark Billingham
· Awful Things With Adam & Alex: hosted by Adam and Alex
· Casefile: hosted by anonymous
· Court Junkie: hosted by Jillian
· Criminal: hosted by Phoebe Judge
· Detective: hosted by Lieutenant Joe Kenda
· Felon: hosted by anonymous
· The Generation Why: hosted by Aaron and Justin
· In Sight: hosted by Ali and Charlie
· Last Podcast On The Left: hosted Ben Kissel, Henry Zebrowski, and Marcus Parks
· My Favourite Murder hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark
· Real Crime Profile: hosted by Jim Clemente, Laura Richards, and Lisa Zambetti
· S'laughter: hosted by Lucy and Emma discussing UK murder cases
· They Walk Among Us: dedicated to UK crimes, hosted by Benjamin
· True Crime Brewery: hosted by Jill and Dick
· True Crime Garage: hosted by Nic and the Captain
· True Crime Review: unknown host(s)
· 48 Hours: hosted by Troy Roberts and Erin Moriarty

Mysterious Cases

Missing persons, unsolved crimes, and cold cases.

· Actual Innocence: stories of people who served time for crimes they did not commit
· Already Gone: stories of the missing, the lost, the mysterious, and the murdered
· The Body On The Moor: A body is found on the moor, who is he? Why was he there?
· Breakdown: the trial of Justin Ross Harris for his son's murder
· In The Dark: investigating a 27-year child abduction investigation
· Missing Maura Murray: Maura Murray disappeared in 2004
· Someone Knows Something: unsolved mysteries hosted by David Ridgen
· Thin Air: missing person cases from around the world
· Thinking Sideways: discussing plausible solutions to mysteries
· The Trail Went Cold: unsolved mysteries and theories about what really happened
· Unexplained: strange and mysterious real life events
· Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder: private Detectives, corrupt cops, and an unsolved murder
· Up and Vanished: the disappearance of Tara Grinstead
· The Vanished Podcast: the stories of those who have gone missing

Historical True Crime

Historical crimes including murders, unsolved cases, and mysteries.

· Most Notorious!: crime, criminals and tragedies throughout history
· Secrets, Crimes, & Audiotape: an audio drama with stories of love, crime, and mystery
· True Murder: The Most Shocking Killers in True Crime History: criminals and the authors who have written about them

Urban Legends

Folklore and urban legends; revealing the truth behind the mystery.

· Just A Story: myths and misdeeds, fears and fables
· Lore: the frightening history behind common folklore

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