How Minimalism Changed My Life

How Minimalism Changed My Life

It’s been a slow process to reach a point where I’m confident to say I follow a “minimalist lifestyle.” Over the past three years I have focused on teaching myself the skills to live a more intentional life, to remove the clutter and focus on what matters the most. My journey to minimalism has changed the way I view the world, the relationships I build, and myself as a person.

An Intentional Life

Living intentionally means understanding what you believe in and stand for, and making sure every step you take and decision you make aligns with those values. Simple living has transformed my life. Minimalism has helped me discover what I value the most in life, love, and work. It’s refocused my attention and energy into the things that make me happier and healthier. I’ve been able to identify what’s most important to be and what my values are. I’ve stopped rushing and I devote time to focusing on my ambitions and passions. Minimalism has taught me to slow down and stress less, which has led to my health improving; my panic disorder is under control and I experience less sleep paralysis. I’ve learned to be kinder to others and to myself; because I’m active when it comes to my ambitions and intentional with my consumption, I’m not only more intentional with my life but I’m also more content.

Living With Less

Living in a tiny apartment and decluttering our space opened my eyes to how much unwanted stuff we can accumulate over our lives. While I’ve always been a cautious consumer, minimalism taught me to buy less and buy better. I stopped buying things I didn’t really need or wouldn’t improve our lives. I spend less and save more because I understand what my priorities are and what matters to me the most. Minimalism is not a competition of who can live with the least amount of belongings; it’s not about how many things you own but how useful the things you own are. Every item in our home must improve or benefit our lives in some way; they must be useful or beautiful. The less I buy, the less I want or even need things. Minimalism teaches us to buy less and buy better; take care of what we own by repairing what’s broken, and use things up. I’m much happier living with less, I feel mentally and physically free of clutter.

Confidence and Contentment

The minimalist lifestyle allows us to identify our priorities and have the confidence to use them to steer us through life. Understanding what my values are and discovering what matters most to me in life has led to me having the confidence to let go of things and people who hold me back or make me unhappy. I’ve found confidence to pursue ambitions in work, nurture strong friendships, and forge my own path in life. I’m content knowing the things I bring into my life are useful, the people I allow close to me are supportive and caring, and the life I’m living is led with intention and purpose.

How Minimalism Changed My Life