Making A Home Feel Homey

How To Make Your Minimalist Home Feel More Homey

While stereotypical minimalist decor features clean lines, smooth surfaces, and a lack of colour, the minimalist mindset is about identifying what is essential or important to your life and eliminating everything else. You don’t have to live in a stark home devoid of personality to create a "minimalist home." You can play with and borrow from various different interior design ideas; how you choose to “live with less” is up to you. While I’m a huge admirer of stark minimalist interiors, for my own apartment I prefer the Scandinavian approach to home decor.

If you want to simplify your life yet create and maintain a warm inviting feeling in your home, or if you’ve decluttered so much you have nothing left, here are a few ways you can style your space and keep that homey feel.

Create The Foundation

Cohesion is key. The best way of creating an inviting minimalist home is to start with the foundations; choose a colour schedule and focus on purchasing items (specifically furniture) made from the same materials. Natural materials tend to add warmth and textured materials add visual interest particularly if you’ve chosen a monochrome colour scheme. Adding warmth and that homey feel to your home doesn’t have to be about adding stuff; buying only what you need and focusing on purchasing cohesive items that are the perfect fit for your space creates the biggest impact on a home’s appearance and mood.

Decorate With Nature

Plants naturally bring life into a space. There are health benefits to keeping plants and plenty of easy-to-keep varieties that require little care yet provide a huge impact in the home. Plants can influence your home as much as they do your body and mind. Pick a few easy-to-keep houseplants to decorate your space, learn to care for them properly and your plants will provide visually pleasing decor to your home with added benefits like air purification, improved concentration, and mood boosting therapy.

Personalise The Space

Use personal belongings to decorate. Personalise your space and you’ll instantly gain that homey feel. The equipment you use for work, finished projects from your hobby, photographs and artwork, book collections or food items; whatever objects and items represent the people who live in your home can be used to add life and colour. Using possessions to express personality is the truest form of creating a homey home. What’s more expressive than the objects we love, enjoy, and are huge parts of our lives?