Slow Home: Bedroom Upgrades

Slow Home: Bedroom Upgrades
Slow Home: Bedroom Upgrades Slow Home: Bedroom Upgrades

We’ve curated our apartment over several years, investing money where it’s most important and penny pinching in others until we’ve found the perfect fit. We’ve spent a lot of time with hand-me-down furniture, making do with “not quite right” pieces before purchasing upgrades when we felt it would benefit us. This ’slow home’ approach to curating our space has helped to focus us on what we consider to be truly important; invest with confidence, save money and avoid mistakes. It’s enabled us create a home that slowly evolves and improves over time to become an extension of our life, style, and personality.

We like to take our time, choose wisely, and invest cautiously, which is why we put up with the hand-me-downs and ragged furniture for a lot longer than most. We have a (short) list of things we’d like to change, upgrade, replace, or completely get rid of that we keep at the back of our minds. Eventually we’ll get to them all (fingers crossed.) Our apartment is never perfect, it’s always changing, growing, and evolving; it always suits our lifestyle and our needs; we always have “enough” and we always appreciate everything we own.

You should never go cheap on anything that separates you from the ground. Since we’ve been living with an ancient bed frame ever since we moved in we decided it was finally time for us to upgrade our bedroom.

Slow Home: Bedroom Upgrades
Slow Home: Bedroom Upgrades Slow Home: Bedroom Upgrades

The Bed: Habitat Walnut Stained Kingsize Bed

I cannot tell you how much I loathed our previous bed, with its enclosed divan frame, zero storage, and hideous design it had nothing going for it and yet we put with it for years. Our bed upgrade is a dream come true and a long time coming.

We chose Habitat’s Tatsuma Walnut Stained Kingside Bed to replace our tatty old one. Its clean Scandinavian-inspired style with double headboard, tapered legs, and dark wood matches our apartment perfectly. We opted for a wooden bedstead over a storage bed mostly because we didn’t want to end up with a dumping ground for clutter but we also wanted our bed to look beautiful. Clearing the line of sight by having space under the bed opens up the room making it look even brighter. There’s just enough clearance space between the bed and the floor for us to push our projector underneath, hiding it from view without ruining the room’s appearance.

If I thought we could squeeze all our clothes into the Tatsuma 3-door wardrobe I’d upgrade our current wardrobe in a flash but I don’t think we’re quite there yet… The Tatsuma 4-drawer wide chest is the perfect replacement for our ancient battered and peeling chest of drawers. Both match the bed and are firmly on our upgrade hit list.

The Mattress: Eve King Topper*

Choosing a new mattress can be a stressful ordeal and picking the wrong one is an expensive mistake you have to live with for years. Our mattress needs replacing but we haven’t found “the one” just yet. Eve offers a compromise; the King Topper helps breathe a little extra life into your current mattress while you hunt for its replacement or want to make a less-than-perfect mattress more comfortable. It’s a 5cm foam topper with the same Eve technology as their full-sized mattresses, providing a luxurious boost in comfort and support. It’s hypoallergenic and super durable with a breathable cooling layer and supportive base. You know hotel beds with their soft sheets and cloud-like mattresses? Our bed feels like that. The combination of a new frame, dreamy topper, and washed cotton sheets have turned our bed into the most comfortable place on Earth.

The Sheets: Muji Soft Washed Off-White Bed Linen

Muji's range of washed linen is designed so there's no need to iron it, which is great for lazy people like us. The 'soft washed' creased cotton has gone through a production process to soften the fabric texture to give that 'lived in' look. Crumpled, disheveled bed sheets are my favourite; tousled over the bed they make it look inviting. Billowy fabric that sprawls out and over as you move in the bed, that lovely rustling noise when you climb in, and the gentle softness on your skin. It's a joyous day when we get to switch out the bedsheets with these.

The Pillows: Eve Memory Foam Pillows*

There's always pillow theft going on in our bedroom and because ours are mismatched, there's always a fight to see who can get the best ones. Some are lumpy with age, others are too hard while the rest are too soft. Life is tough when you don't have a comfortable pillow. We've finally gotten things sorted with two of Eve's Memory Foam Pillows.

Memory foam can be a hit or a miss. It's more supportive than fibre pillows and more ethical than feather ones. The foam conforms to your body shape, supporting your back and neck to cradle your head while you sleep. Switching to memory foam pillows can help relieve neck and body pain while sleeping, helping you to get a better night’s sleep. Some people hate them, I love them.

We've found memory foam pillows are amazing for us when we want to be propped up in bed while we watch something. They're supportive, comfortable, and are weighty enough they don't go sliding down the back of the bed. I found mine to be a lifesaver when I had to sleep on my back for two weeks, no discomfort at all just perfect nights' sleep.

The House Shoes: Mahabis Summer Slippers*

Do slippers count as a bedroom upgrade? I think so and I’m counting them! Aside from a pair I bought back from Japan, I’ve never got along slippers. A comfortable pair is hard to find and I usually end up resorting to oversized socks instead. Mahabis have created simple, functional slippers for people who “don’t do” slippers and their standard range has been reinvented for summer. Designed for comfort and made for adventure, these slippers are lightweight with a sculpted breathable mesh upper and soft lining, and can be worn indoors or outdoors thanks to their detachable sole.

For true Scandinavian-Inspired style, I chose gya grey with skien black soles to match the black elastic heel. The lightweight lining, cushioned insole, and breathable mesh paired with the sneaker-like sole makes these slippers perfect for wearing around the house and even for studio trips.