8 Tasks To Stop Putting Off This Weekend

Things To Stop Putting Off This Weekend

During a busy work week it's easy to put things off we'd rather not deal with, once the weekend rolls around we want to relax and forget about all the tasks we've been putting off. While it feels good in the moment to forget about those niggling little things, over the long term these chores become a bigger and bigger burden; we sense them looming over us making us feel guilty for putting them off for so long. Break the habit this weekend, get those tasks you've been putting off out of your way.

1 | Cancel Unwanted Subscriptions

First up, a simple task but one that’s easy to put off and put off.. and put off because it’s just so boring. Whether it’s a gym membership, online streaming service, or magazine subscription, if you don’t use it cancel and unsubscribe before you have to pay another month’s subscription for something you don’t want and don’t need.

2 |Tackle That Junk Drawer

We all have a place where we throw all those odds and ends; things we don’t want to deal with right this minute so we hide it out of sight only to forget it’s there altogether. This weekend, tackle that elephant in the room. Pull everything out, find a place for it all or get rid of it. If you’re feeling in the mood to roll up your sleeves and declutter more thoroughly, a good place to start is The 5-Step Method For Decluttering.

3 | Empty Your Inbox

If you’re someone who has a tendency to let your emails stack up, use this weekend to empty your inbox and give the week a fresh start. Emails have a tendency to stack up until you reach the point where it’s easier to delete everything and start over. If you’re worried you may miss an important email, delete emails that are more than two weeks old and get to work reading, replying, or filing everything else.

4 | Do A Wardrobe Audit

Weekends are often the time we feel the urge to shop. To prevent mindless shopping and impulse purchases, a wardrobe audit reminds us of what we already own and helps us identify any gaps in our wardrobe; it will refresh your perspective and curtail any urges to go shopping for new pieces. If you want to start a minimalist wardrobe doing a wardrobe audit is one of the best places to start.

5 | List Items For Sale

If you’ve decluttered your space you may have a pile of belongings you’re unsure what to do with. After decluttering the next step is to sell unwanted items, which can be a time consuming task that’s often put off. Use this weekend as an opportunity to list these items for sale, not only will you make more space in your home you’ll earn a little extra money doing it.

6 | Declutter Your Digital Life

The weekends are a chance to catch up on anything we might have missed online during the week. Decluttering your social media helps us to create better connections with the people we follow and curate a feed higher in quality with more relevant content. Simplifying the accounts you follow, blogs you read, and newsletters you receive will reduce the noise you encounter online and regain control over the content you’re exposed to.

7 | Refresh Your Space

The simple things can often make the biggest impact. Refreshing your space needn’t involve renovations or new purchases, working with what you have can make the world of difference. Restore the balance in your home by rearranging the layout, plumping the cushions, lighting some candles; small improvements to make your home feel fresh and looking its best.

8 | Take Time Out For Self-Care

The most important thing you can do this weekend is for yourself and it's something we easily overlook. Invest time in taking care of yourself by adopting a few self-care rituals. These little gestures of kindness will nourish your body and mind; fostering self-care habits enable you to develop, protect, maintain, and improve your health, wellbeing, and wellness.

Things To Stop Putting Off This Weekend