Tips For Settling Into Your New Home

Tips For Settling Into Your New Home

After moving day, making your new space feel like home will allow you to quickly settle in. Make the space feel like your own is necessary to feel comfortable and confident with your unfamiliar surroundings. These five tips will make settling into your new home a breeze.

1 | Open All The Windows

Depending on how long your new home previously stood empty, fresh air will get rid of any stuffy smells or lingering paint fumes. The easiest way to freshen up a space is to throw open the windows to air the place out. It’s more than likely your new home will have been professionally cleaned before your arrived; opening the windows will disperse any of the smells left behind by heavy-duty cleaning products. If your new home has stood empty for a while in between cleaning and your move, you’ll need to roll up your sleeves to shift the dust and dirt that may have settled. It will be worth it though to have a fresh clean slate to work with.

2 | Get Comfortable

Home isn’t home without a few key essentials. The quickest way to start feeling more settled in your new space is to get some of your must-have home comforts unpacked. Whatever yours are, whether they’re the kettle and coffee beans, throws for the sofa, plants and flowers, or bathroom accessories - unpack and get them in place, you’ll immediately start to feel more settled and at home. Get comfortable; recreate familiar sights and sounds. Little pops of decoration will quickly help you settle into your new surroundings; plug in the lamps, prop photo frames up, and put on some music. Unpack the kitchenware so you can eat from proper plates using silverware instead of flimsy disposable ones, and pull out basic ingredients so you can cook a heart dinner. Ordering takeout might seem like a good idea but nothing beats eating a favourite cooked meal to make you feel at home.

Tips For Settling Into Your New Home
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3 | Make It Smell Good

A new space can feel a little alien especially with the clinical smell of fresh paint and cleaning products. Making your new place smell like home is a simple yet effective little trick that can really help you settle in quickly. After blasting each room with fresh air by opening the windows, setting up diffusers or lighting candles will add a warmth and familiarity to a place. Diffusers will give a soft, gentle fragrance making them ideal for large or less occupied spaces. Lighting scented candles will provide a more powerful smell to help you feel cosy and comfortable in your surroundings.

4 | Set Up The Bedroom

There’s one room so important it should be set up on the very first day of moving in: the bedroom. It’s a place of tranquility and rest; relaxation and recuperation. Investing time into setting up your bedroom from the bed frame and sheets right down to the side tables and lights will provide you with a little oasis to get away from it all. Moving can be arduous and stressful, you’ll thank yourself for somewhere you can escape to for a little R&R at the end of the day or in-between tasks. Pull out fresh sheets, blankets, and extra pillows; set up the bedside tables and lamps. Having a familiar room to retire to will set you up for better sleep making you more productive and motivated to get through your mountain of moving tasks. Build a comfortable space to sleep in, you’re going to need all the rest you can get.

5 | Invite Guests Over

Filling your new space with friends and family is the quick fire way to make it feel like yours. A pre-housewarming invite while half unpacked boxes are piled up in the rooms might seem like adding more things to do to an endless to do list; but there’s no quicker way to making a place feel like home than inviting your closest friends and a few family members into your new space. The warmth of hugs and kisses, the sound of laughter and celebration, these are the things that make a house a home. Never mind the stacked boxes and pile of things to do, for a few moments ignore all that and celebrate your move and new beginnings.

Tips For Settling Into Your New Home