The Vegan Pantry: Essential Food Staples For A Plant-Based Kitchen

The Vegan Pantry: Essential Food Staples For A Plant-Based Kitchen

These are the staples of a well-stocked plant-based kitchen. This list of ‘essential food staples’ is intended to be a useful guide to stocking your own pantry with ingredients commonly found in vegan-friendly recipes. You do not need to buy absolutely everything on this list especially not if you have no idea how to use it or are unlikely to eat it.

If you come across an ingredient you’ve never used or tried before, seek out recipes (cookbook suggestions can be found at the end of this post) so you can try them. Add ingredients as-and-when you need to, if you need to, and as your food repertoire increases so will your pantry. Keeping a well-stocked pantry with lots of herbs and spices, tinned essentials, and basic supplies makes cooking from scratch a whole lot easier - and quicker.

I’ve compiled this list based on what I found in my own pantry and kitchen cupboards plus a few extra I discovered in recipes while flipping through the pages of my favourite cookbooks.

The Vegan Pantry: Essential Food Staples For A Plant-Based Kitchen The Vegan Pantry: Essential Food Staples For A Plant-Based Kitchen

Dry Storage Staples

·   Rice: white and brown
·   Bulgur wheat
·   Pearl barley
·   Polenta
·   Cous-cous
·   Jumbo oats
·   Noodles: udon, rice, and ramen
·   Nutritional yeast
·   Dried seaweed / nori
·   Vegetable stock / bouillon

Tinned Goods

·   Beans
·   Lentils
·   Tomatoes
·   Coconut milk

Nuts, Seeds, and Dried Fruits

·   Almonds
·   Walnuts
·   Cashews
·   Pine nuts
·   Flax
·   Chia
·   Sunflower
·   Pumpkin
·   Sesame
·   Goji berries
·   Dates

Refrigerated Staples

·   Non-dairy milk
·   Tofu: firm and silken
·   Capers
·   Applesauce
·   Miso paste
·   Gochujang paste
·   Coconut milk

Pastes, Sauces, and Condiments

·   Tahini
·   Chilli oil
·   Sriracha
·   Hot sauce
·   Mustard
·   Soy sauce: light and dark
·   Nut butters: peanut or almond

Pickles and Preserves

·   Gherkins
·   Olives
·   JalapeƱos
·   Kimchi
·   Sauerkraut

Oils and Vinegars

·   Coconut oil
·   Extra Virgin olive oil
·   Apple Cider vinegar
·   Balsamic vinegar
·   Red Wine vinegar
·   Mirin


·   Rosemary
·   Tarragon
·   Thyme
·   Basil (fresh)
·   Mint (fresh)
·   Dill (fresh)


·   Cardamom pods
·   Caraway seeds
·   Cayenne pepper
·   Cumin (ground and whole)
·   Cinnamon
·   Cloves
·   Fennel seeds
·   Coriander seeds
·   Curry powder
·   Garam masala
·   Mustard powder
·   Nutmeg (whole)
·   Paprika
·   Turmeric
·   Ginger (fresh and powdered)
·   Black pepper
·   Salt

Baking Staples

·   Maple syrup
·   Blackstrap molasses
·   Granulated sugar
·   Brown sugar
·   All-purpose flours
·   Cornmeal flour
·   Chickpea flour
·   Cornstarch
·   Vital what gluten
·   Baking powder

Cookbook Recommendations

·   Veganomicon - it really is the ultimate vegan cookbook
·   Thug Kitchen - spicy language and even spicier food
·   Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking - simple and delicious recipes
·   River Cottage Much More Veg - great for mezze style cooking
·   Leon Fast Vegetarian - easily adaptable recipes