Create A Home That Makes You Happy

Create A Home That Makes You Happy

If you're anything like me, you spend a fair bit of time on Pinterest looking through other people’s beautiful homes. As inspiring as that can be, the reality is, your home - the one you actually live in - needs to be a reflection of you as a person, otherwise it can appear as hollow as a showroom. Your home needs to withstand the messy parts of life as well as the Instagrammable ones. Your home will get untidy, there will be laundry to do, and the floors will need cleaning. No home looks as immaculate in real life as it does in a staged photograph.

Creating a home that makes you happy is about balancing function and style. A home is created by the family who live in it, the purpose the space serves, and the values it upholds. Instead of trying to recreate “the perfect home”, fill your space with meaning not things to create a home that makes you happy.

Make It Functional

A practical layout goes a long way in helping to keep your home tidy and clutter-free. While you might be stuck with an uncompromising floor-plan, the placement of furniture can help make the most out of the space you do have. Play around with the positioning of furniture to see what works and what doesn’t especially when the use of a room changes. Store items in the room where they are most used and create dedicated storage for specific things to make tidying much easier.

When buying new furniture consider its versatility and where it can be placed if you should need to move it about. Invest in design classics rather than trend-led pieces and your home decor won’t date so quickly. Lighting makes a huge difference to the way a home looks and feels; invest in good lighting and position it right to create the ambiance you want.

A well-defined colour palette is essential for cohesive home decor especially when it runs throughout the entire home. Having a scheme makes it a whole lot easier to make decisions about materials, textures, and patterns. It’s much easier to update your home if all you have to do is switch up the soft furnishings and not the furniture itself; so stick to neutral colours for larger pieces of furniture and add colour with artwork, throws, cushions and plants.

Create A Home That Makes You Happy Create A Home That Makes You Happy

Make It Personal

A home is so much more than the colour the walls are painted and the furniture it contains. Creating a home that makes you happy means filling it with personality and meaning. The way you choose to personalise your space is up to you; artwork, books, plants, collections, photographs - they all work to create a reflection of you as a person.

If you have gifts from friends, travel souvenirs, or handcrafted items, put them out on display to be enjoyed. If you prefer art, create a gallery wall and switch up the framed artwork regularly to keep your home decor looking fresh. Perhaps you’re not keen on having too many things in your home; display your interests like the books you read, your photography equipment or musical instruments, or plant collection. These are all ways you can share your personality throughout your home without cluttering up your space with trinkets.

Use blankets, throws, and cushions to create a cosy space that invites guests (and you!) to relax in and enjoy. One of the best things a friend ever said to me about our home is that it made her feel completely relaxed and comfortable - what more could we want from our home than for it to be welcoming and relaxing?

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Create A Home That Makes You Happy