Daily Self-Care: Kind Things To Do For Yourself Every Day

Daily Self-Care: Kind Things To Do For Yourself Every Day

When you're having an awful day, everything is going wrong, and you're in a terrible mood, it can feel like nothing will ever change. During these tough times it's crucial to remember the importance self-care and be kind to yourself. These are the little habits that make me feel better when I'm having a bad day and they might help you too.

Go To Bed Early

If you're feeling run down, exhausted, stressed, or in a bad mood, a little extra sleep does everyone the world of good; your head will feel clearer and your body stronger. Create a comfy nest to relax in with lots of blankets and pillows, you'll find yourself drifting off in no time. If you have trouble sleeping, these tips for sleeping better may help.

Turn Your Phone Off For A While

Give yourself some headspace and switch your phone off for an hour or two every day. If you find it difficult to resist scrolling through social media or checking your inbox, use an app like Forest to encourage you to leave your phone alone. If you really can't bear to switch your phone off, these mindfulness apps can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

Eat Well

Take a moment to flick through your cookbooks or online recipes and choose something delicious to eat. Bonus points if it's a recipe you've never tried before. Whether it's a treat or something to nourish your body and mind, eating well can help lift bad moods and make the world seem brighter.

Keep Your Bedroom Tidy

When the rest of your home (or your life) feels a mess, keeping your bedroom tidy will create an oasis of calm. Having somewhere you can go to relax without any distracting mess of day-to-day life is like a breath of fresh air. Stock your nightstand with all the essentials and pile the bed high with blankets for a dreamy bedroom you'll love to spend time in.

Light A Candle

The small ritual of striking a match and lighting a candle that fills the room with a beautiful fragrance can do wonders for your mood. Save your favourite candle for lighting in moments of need, when you're in a bad mood or just need a little pick-me-up it will instantly make you feel a little better.

Daily Self-Care: Kind Things To Do For Yourself Every Day Daily Self-Care: Kind Things To Do For Yourself Every Day

Read Your Favourite Book

Grab a stack of books and let yourself flick through the pages; revisit old childhood favourites, books that changed your life, or something colourful with lots of imagery. Spending time getting lost in books, old and new, can help take your mind off what's bothering you and allow you to slip into another world for a moment or two. Looking for something new to read? Here is a suggested reading list.

Have A Bath

A long soak in the bath can unwind your body and your mind helping you to relax and destress. When your thoughts are running away with you, indulging in this simple act of self-care will allow you to slow down and provide you with the time you need to take care of yourself. You can create some simple DIY bath salts and with a dreamy bathtime routine you'll feel your mood lift in no time.

Watch Something Fun

Take your mind off whatever is bothering you by watching your favourite movies or some trash TV. Curling up on the sofa or in bed, bundled up with snacks, watching Netflix, can help you unwind and switch off. Indulge in back-to-back reruns of your favourite TV series, a marathon movie session, catch up with YouTube, or just something you found on iPlayer.

Tidy Up A Little Bit

You don't have to tidy your entire home but spending a few minutes straightening up the main living areas can really boost your mood and make you feel better. Put things away, take out the trash, plump up the cushions, and put away your clothes; these little tasks can make a huge difference to your environment helping to lift your mood and give your some headspace.

Talk To Friends

Whether you're just in a bad mood on there's something bigger going on, talk to friends and family; don't be alone. Make plans to do something fun with friends or, if you don't feel like leaving the house, invite someone over. Close friends are there to support us through the tough times so don't be afraid of leaning on them when you need help.

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Daily Self-Care: Kind Things To Do For Yourself Every Day