Home Updates For The Weekend

Home Updates For The Weekend

Weekends are a chance see friends, go on adventures, eat good food and explore new places. But when no plans have been made, I like to spend a little time over the weekend enjoying our space at home. There's nothing I enjoy more when I'm at home than giving everything a little refresh by rearranging the rooms; even just a little tweak here and there can make a world of difference, and you don't need to spend money to restyle your home.

From the more boring jobs like touching up paintwork and fixing broken things to the more exciting ones like restyling shelves and rearranging the plants, these simple updates can be done in a single weekend and will transform your home.

Switch Up Your Art

A real quick fix when it comes to updating your home decor is switching up your artwork. If you're anything like me, you own more artwork than can fit on the walls. The weekend is a great opportunity to refresh your home style. Whether you have a gallery wall or a few prints hanging here or there, changing the artwork on display takes no time at all to do and has a huge impact. Try replacing the artwork in each frame or, if you don't own enough to do that, switch them from room to room.

Repot Your Plants

This is best done in spring but repotting your plants can be a great way of replacing or upgrading any ugly pots you have and at the same time giving your plants a bit of extra room - which they'll love! While you're repotting, take the opportunity to move your plants around; give those looking a little sad a new spot in the sun, and any you find struggling with the heat, move to a cooler place.

Touch Up The Paintwork

It's a boring task that seems a little pointless (who's going to notice those tiny scuffs anyway?) but trust me when I say, touching up the paintwork will make your home look brighter and fresher. Now you don't have to go repainting entire rooms just swipe a paintbrush over any nicks, scratches, patchy spots, or dings you spot; it should only take a few minutes to do and everything will look so much better.

Home Updates For The Weekend Home Updates For The Weekend

Reorganise Your Wardrobe

Spring cleaning your wardrobe might take a few hours and while you're more than welcome to indulge in a deep declutter, reorganising your wardrobe is way more fun to do. Most people have a vague system for organising their wardrobe but if you want to get more wear out of your clothes or make some style resolutions, rearranging what you own might help. Popular ways of organising clothes is by colour and type, occasion and season. Spend some time familiarising yourself with your wardrobe and deciding what system works best for you.

Clear Out The Pantry

This task might be for those who love to declutter and get organised. Clearing out your pantry is a way of making sure you're getting the most out of your space. I find the pantry quickly becomes a cluttered mess, if not kept in check. Boxes, cartons, jars, and bags of ingredients get shuffled around. The best part of clearing out your pantry on the weekend is you'll likely find a bunch of ingredients you forget you had. If you're in luck (and they're still in date) you'll be able to try a new recipe or two.

Restyle Your Shelves

The shelves in your home often say a lot about you without you even realising it. They are a place for you to display your cherished possessions, well-loved books, and your plant collection. Restyling your shelves will help keep your space looking fresh; you can use them to reflect the changing seasons or moods, or simply display functional items that are aesthetically pleasing. However you want to style your shelves, switching things up at the weekend helps keep your home looking interesting.

Upgrade Your Bathroom

Weekends are all about indulging in self-care, whether that's seeing friends or pampering yourself with a dreamy bath time routine - or both. Since the bathroom is a place for relaxing and unwinding, why not invest in a little upgrade? Bathrooms tend to get forgotten about when it comes to home decor; if your space is in need of an update consider adding some "shower plants" to brighten up the room, create a spa-like feel to the space with luxury beauty products and candles, and don't forget the fresh towels!

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Home Updates For The Weekend