A Travel Capsule for Kent

A Weekend Packing List For Kent

Kent in the sunshine is hard to beat. Every summer we take a trip back to my family home along the coast, to enjoy the countryside and beaches when they’re looking their best. We often make a real vacation out of it by stopping off at sites on the journey there and back. We were gifted a National Trust membership this year so I’m excited to make the most of it, and I always look forward to revisiting places from my childhood: Broadstairs, Margate, and Whitstable.

Even though we hire a car, I still like to pack light. A single backpack is more than enough for a comfortable weekend away; when you’re staying with family it’s easy to throw things in the wash if anything gets dirty. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a sunny birthday on the beach so I’m packing with that enthusiasm!

A Weekend Packing List For Kent

My weekend capsule wardrobe includes: two tops, one pair of culottes, one dress, and one skirt plus a lightweight jacket and pair of sandals. That gives me enough variation - at least six outfits - for a 4-day long weekend. In all honesty I’ll probably take my Dr. Martens and possibly a slightly heavier jacket, maybe; depending on the weather. The weather by the coast can be temperamental and it’s easy to get caught out!

The Tops

I added a couple of new Everlane Mockneck Tees into my wardrobe. They have a really nice cut that, when I knot them at the front, creates a lovely shape. One of the tees I’m taking with me for the weekend is a really cute peachy-pink shade. It adds a softness to my typically all-black outfits that makes me feel a lot more summery.

We often end up going out for a family meal when I return home for a visit so having a smart evening outfit is a must for my weekend packing list. The Only Child Box Crop Top looks effortlessly put-together when paired with the MUJI Culottes so I’ve packed it for this trip.

The Dress

I pretty much always wear my MUJI Maxi Dress when travelling. It’s the most comfortable dress to fly or, in this case, drive in. I tend to layer it up with a knotted top to give me more shape; it’s such an easy dress to wear I couldn’t image ever travelling without it.

The Bottoms

These MUJI Culottes are a new addition to my wardrobe and I love them. They’re so simple and so comfortable. They look effortlessly dressy with a pair of flats and shirt or with a simple top, they are smart-casual with all the comfort and none of the fuss. I haven’t owned a pair of trousers in over ten years (!) and these culottes have breathed new life into my existing wardrobe. My vintage maxi skirt, on the other hand, has been in my wardrobe for years and is a summer staple. I always struggle to find skirts that work with my body shape and this one is just perfect.

The Jacket

Despite owning quite a selection of outwear, I've been missing a lightweight option I can wear in those transitional months and on summer nights when the weather cools. I'm not a fan of denim so this Farnol Everyday Jacket by Farnol has been a welcome addition to my wardrobe. It's a modern take on the classic denim jacket; it's easy to wear and goes with everything.

The Shoes

Easy, comfortable, and (depending on who you ask!) ugly-chic. I think Birkenstocks are well-worth investing in as a sturdy pair of warm weather shoes. Unlike thin, scrappy sandals; these never rub or hurt my feet, even after hours of walking. I know some people would disagree but I consider Birkenstock sandals to elevate summer outfits that would otherwise look too casual.

A Note On 'The Other Stuff'

There's a couple of things I pack for a weekend away in the UK that I don't for trips abroad. Things like shampoo and conditioner, and sun care; without the hand luggage restrictions, I can safely pack these without fear of them being confiscated. I prefer using my own hair care products so I take them whenever I can, and sun care is essential wherever you go, whatever you're doing. I've packed the Tropic Skincare Sun Care Discover Kit*, which contains sun protection, a sun balm, and an aftersun lotion; all are under 100ml meaning you can pack them in your hand luggage too! I'm planning to head to the beach during this weekend away so these are absolute essentials. I've also packed my Elephant Box containers for snacks on the journey but I've found it's useful to have on hand if you want to grab takeaway food while you're out.

A Weekend Packing List For Kent

My Complete Packing List For Kent


Everlane Mockneck Tee
Only Child Box Crop Top
MUJI Maxi Dress
MUJI Culottes
Vintage Maxi Skirt
Farnol Everyday Jacket


Kanken Mini


Washable Cotton Pad
Shampoo and Conditioner
Crystal Deodorant
Eye Shadow
Blush and Highlighter
Lip Balm and Tint
Make-Up Brushes
Hair Brush and Comb
Contact Lenses
Sun Care Discovery Kit*


Kobo eReader
Camera and Charger
Phone and Charger
Purse and Cards
Elephant Box Lunchbox
Water Bottle

What essentials do you pack for a weekend away?