60 Tips For Going Plastic-Free

Tips For Going Plastic-Free

Sixty tips and habit shifts to help you go zero waste and plastic-free.

Plastic-Free On The Go

  • Give up bottled water; make it a habit to bring your own water bottle
  • Take a packed lunch in a reusable lunchbox
  • Carry containers for street food, leftovers, or snacks
  • Opt for reusable cloth sandwich bags
  • Carry your own reusable cutlery to avoid single-use ones
  • Refuse single-use disposable items like straws
  • Want ice cream? Ask for a cone
  • Take your own reusable coffee cup - you’ll often get discount!
  • Avoid plastic-wrapped snacks and convenience foods by taking your own

Plastic-Free Kitchen

  • Shop at a local market or bulk buy store to avoid plastic-wrapped produce
  • Take your own shopping bags so you won’t need plastic ones
  • Bring your own containers to the supermarket for produce
  • Switch tea bags for loose leaf because most tea bags have plastic in them
  • Reduce your consumption of packaged snacks and convenience foods
  • Buy wine with natural cork stoppers
  • Preserve food without clingfilm; use containers, jars, and pots to keep food fresh or just cover with a plate or tea towel
  • Avoid non-stick cookware
  • Learn to make things you usually buy in plastic from scratch: condiments, plant milk, humous, salsa, salad dressings, snacks, etc.
  • Buy metal or wooden kitchen utensils instead of plastic ones
  • Use glass storage containers, reuse what you already have, to store food instead of plastic Tupperware
  • Replace tin foil and parchment paper for reusable mats
  • Cut out plastic-bottled beverages like soda and juice
  • Use stainless steel ice cube trays and molds instead of plastic ones
  • Buy fresh bread not packaged
  • Return containers to be reused at markets
  • Stop buying plastic water filter cartridges (unless necessary)

Plastic-Free Bathroom

  • Look for skincare options in reusable glass jars
  • Swap plastic toothbrushes for compostable ones
  • Use washable cotton pads instead of disposable ones
  • Buy plastic-free toilet roll like Ecoleaf or Who Gives A Crap
  • Swap plastic razors for metal safety razors
  • Bulk-buy shampoo and conditioner or use shampoo bars
  • Stop buying plastic cotton buds
  • Switch from liquid soap to bar soap
  • Use soap instead of canned shaving cream
  • Explore options for plastic-free feminine hygiene products, like menstrual cups
  • Buy plastic-free dental floss
  • Switch to powder toothpaste
  • Use handkerchiefs instead of plastic-packaged paper tissues
  • Make your own deodorant or switch to a natural mineral stone deodorant

Tips For Going Plastic-Free

Plastic-Free Cleaning

  • Use natural cleaning cloths and scrubbers instead of plastic or synthetic ones
  • Make your own cleaning products or bulk buy to either avoid or reduce the amount of plastic you use
  • Use a mop or a steam cleaner with a washable cleaning pad
  • Avoid plastic trash bags, instead line it with newspaper or tissue paper
  • Use washing bags (like Guppyfriend) to avoid plastic in clothing getting into the water

Plastic-Free Wardrobe

  • Request plastic-free packaging when ordering online
  • Buy and wear natural fibres instead of synthetic ones
  • Use metal hangers not plastic ones
  • Look for plastic-free shoes

Plastic-Free Office

  • Put an end to junk mail
  • Avoid disposable plastic pens

Plastic-Free With Pets

  • Buy pet food in bulk, or in recyclable packaging to avoid plastic
  • Use folded newspaper instead of doggy poo bags
  • Avoid plastic-wrapped toys; make your own using natural materials
  • Use metal or ceramic pet bowls instead of plastic ones

Plastic-Free With Children

  • Use cloth nappies instead of plastic ones
  • Choose plastic-free party favours like homemade play dough, pencils, or homemade snacks
  • Make celebration banners out of cloth instead of buying plastic bunting
  • Swap balloons for colourful paper decorations
  • Buy toys made from natural materials instead of plastic

If you do need to buy something and the only options available to you appear to be made from or packaged in plastic; shop second hand before buying new. You can often find what you need on eBay, Depop, Gumtree, or in charity/thrift shops.

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Tips For Going Plastic-Free