Ethical Fashion Under £50

Ethical Fashion Under £50

When it comes to switching from fast fashion to slow fashion, the biggest obstacle is price. Sustainably made clothing is often more expensive because unethical brands cut corners, abuse workers, and mistreat the planet in order to slash prices. In comparison, the price of ethical fashion brands can have you wincing. The truth is, when you buy cheap clothing, someone else is paying hte price.

There are a few ways to shop more sustainably that doesn't involve paying more. Most people don't wear most of what's in their wardrobe so only buy what you need and wear what you already own.

It's not affordable to buy ethical fashion in the way we buy fast fashion. Instead we have to adjust our shopping habits by buying fewer, higher quality pieces made responsibly and sustainably from ethical brands.

I was someone who used to buy clothing on a weekly basis. I had an ASOS Prime account, I'd place an order every week, and spend hundreds every month. None of the clothes I kept for more than a couple of seasons because they fell apart or out of trend. I wasted so much money on poorly made clothes when I could have saved that money up to purchase a handful of well-made garments I truly loved. Now I have a sustainable wardrobe, I know the value of investing in quality clothing made ethically.

While I will always champion shopping second-hand first and foremost; occasionally you might need or want to buy something new. If so, here are some of my favourite affordable brands to help you do just that.

Ethical Fashion Under £50

Oh My Clumsy Heart

If affordable eco-friendly jewellery is what you're looking for, look no further. Oh My Clumsy Heart jewellery is handmade in small batches using responsibly-sourced materials and eco-friendly packaging—without the markups.

All metals are sourced from Fairtrade licensed suppliers of recycled metals, including ethical stones with full traceability. Direct-to-consumer prices mean there's fair pricing with no inflated mark-ups. Everything from necklaces to earrings to rings are under £50.

People Tree

People Tree are particularly good if you're looking for smart, office-appropriate clothing. But at first glance, People Tree they don't appear to be one of the more affordable ethical fashion brands. Prices typically start around £100 for a dress and £70 for a skirt. However, their essentials range and underwear is more affordable.

Shopping during the sale is how to find the deep discounts. Prices get as low as £20, which make People Tree comparable in price to many fast fashion brands.

Thought Clothing

Thought Clothing is a great choice for affordable ethical clothing, with dress prices starting at around £60. It's a great brand to choose if you prefer a colourful wardrobe with bright colours and patterns. Although Thought goes some nice basics too.

Shopping the sale means an even better deal with some items going for less than £20, brining them inline with fast fashion brands.

Organic Basics

One of the most popular places to shop for responsibly made, high quality underwear is Organic Basics. Many of their cotton basics falls within a £50 budget and are some of the best you can buy.


Everlane falls somewhere inbetween fast fashion and sustainable fashion. Although not the most ethical brand, they do provide affordable clothing made more responsibly than most. Their range includes wardrobe basics as well as modern classics in a pared down colour palette. For many of us, shopping at Everlane is a better option than buying fast fashion, and a more affordable one too.


Definitely one for those who enjoy patterns in their wardrobe. Seasalt is a cheery Cornwall-based company producing ethical clothing at a reasonable price. They are exceptionally good at providing wardrobe essentials such as plain tees and Breton tops. As well as bright cardigans and patterned dresses. Yet again the sale is the best place to find more affordable prices.


If you need a new pair of shoes, TOM has a range of affordable vegan shoes. They stock everything from classic sandalsto canvas sneakers. As well as espadrilles and flats. For every pair of shoes you buy, TOM donates a second pair to someone in need so not only are you purchasing ethically-made shoes, you're supporting a brand who helps others. The shoes themselves are excellent quality and durable.

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Ethical Fashion Under £50