Sustainable Living Apps

Sustainable Living Apps

One of the easiest, most accessible ways to live more sustainably is to use the tools we already have at our fingertips. Our mobile phones are one of the best tools for helping us to make impactful and achievable habit shifts, that enable us to improve our day-to-day choices and lessen our environmental footprint. I've tested out a few different apps designed to help go paperless, reduce food waste, borrow items, and get better at caring for the planet, and these are my must-download favourites:


Price: Free

A lighthearted app that turns sustainable living into a game by rewarding you with points and badges when you make eco-friendly decisions such as visiting a farmer's market, cycling to work, or using a reusable cup. It's a useful app to help incorporate new habits into your routine.

Download JouleBug


Price: Free

Reduce food waste by sharing and collecting surplus food items from around your local area. Local shops and businesses, as well as neighbours, can post food up for grabs helping to avoid food being thrown away; you can also share non-food related household items too.

Download Olio

Fat Llama

Price: Free

Fat Llama helps people work together by connecting people with the things other people need. The app allows you to rent out your belongings and borrow other people's, creating a more circular economy where we share instead of buy niche belongings.

Download Fat Llama

Good On You

Price: Free

A useful guide that makes it easier to shop more consciously. Good On You allows you to check a brand for its ethical rating so you know exactly who and what you're supporting when you hand over your money. Use it to check up on where and how a product was made so you can make better decisions about the way you shop.

Download Good On You

Happy Cow

Price: Free

One of the impactful ways you can reduce your footprint on the planet is to eat more plants and this app can help you do that; making it easy to find vegan restaurants and plant-based foods near you. Whether you're searching locally or for places to eat while on holiday, this app will help you locate Earth-friendly places to eat.

Download Happy Cow


Price: Free

Go paperless when you travel by using this train app, which helps you to save time and money when booking your tickets. Keep everything all in one place with real-time travel info, seat preferences, and price alerts. Ditch physical train tickets and replace them with digital copies, that you won't ever lose!

Download Trainline


Price: Free

Work together with restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores to avoid unsold food from being thrown away by signing up to Karma and buying food items at heavily discounted prices. Karma helps divert food that would be otherwise thrown away to people who want to buy it; rescue food and make money doing it.

Download Karma


Price: Free

If you're looking for an app to help focus your attention, track goals, and do good - download Flora. This app motivates you to stay focused by planting a tree whenever you achieve one of your goals. Plant seeds, grow trees, and enjoy life a little more by putting down your phone more often.

Download Flora


Price: Free

Gain access to library eBooks and audiobooks and borrow them for free using the Libby app. Sign into your library account, search and preview items, and download a title for offline reading. If your local library doesn't use Libby, try Hoopla instead.

Download Libby


Price: Free

Whether you grow plants in your garden, on your balcony, or even on your kitchen shelf; Gardenia provides gardening tips and botanic information, with a weather monitor and garden manager for beginners and experts alike. If you want to learn more about plants, get better at caring for your garden (indoors or out), and do a little good for the planet, this app is a lovely place to start.

Download Gardenia

What apps do you love?

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Sustainable Living Apps