A Jewellery Capsule

A Jewellery Capsule Collection

I've always been someone to fawn over accessories. When you keep your style relatively fuss-free, as I do, jewellery adds something extra, something special to an outfit. Accessories, particularly jewellery, aren't nearly as talked about as clothing when it comes to style but for most of us, they have a large role to play in our personal style and even our daily routine. A pair of earrings or a favourite necklace is often the first thing we put on and the last thing we take off. The smallest detail can make the biggest impact. It makes sense to curate a jewellery collection in the same way you'd create a capsule wardrobe.

Style Defined

Creating a jewellery capsule is about selectively building a collection of jewellery; jewellery pieces you adore wearing every day, and which can be mix and matched according to the occasion. It covers all basis from work to weekends. Knowing your style is the first step to finding jewellery you’ll want to wear on repeat and that works with your wardrobe. I keep my accessories as simple as my style, which means minimal jewellery works best; I can mix and match with all the pieces in my wardrobe. You might want to make plain outfits pop with statement jewellery pieces, or tone down your maximalist clothes with minimalist jewellery. Whatever you choose, defining your style will help pick suitable pieces for your jewellery capsule.

Consider Metals

Are you a gold-wearer or a silver-lover? Perhaps you're both. Typically we gravitate towards wearing one or the other, but don't shy away from mixing jewellery if you want to. The jewellery styling rule that you should never mix metals is outdated and old-fashioned. I tend to lean towards gold jewellery as it warms up my outfits and compliments my skin tone. Choosing between either gold jewellery or silver jewellery makes it easier to find pieces that pair well together, and it makes for a simpler, more cohesive jewellery capsule. Knowing which you prefer also makes it easier for loved ones to pick jewellery as a gift for you.

Jewellery Sizing

The perfect fit is important. Just like with clothes, if something doesn't fit right you'll be less inclined to wear it. Long chains will snag and break, loose rings will spin free and fall off. Making sure your jewellery is the right size should be a top priority. If you've always struggled with knowing your correct ring size, this ring sizing guide will help. Necklace length all depends on the clothes you decide to wear with it. I opt for shorter chains as they suit scooped necklines and open shirts. Follow this necklace sizing guide that compares chain lengths and necklines to find the right one for you. You can always add extender chains for extra length and a more versatile fit, and a necklace multi-clasp will help layering without the tangles.

Pick Wisely

Wear-everyday, have-forever jewellery pieces can be worn from morning to night, from work to weekend, and are the must-have staples for your jewellery capsule. Just like with a capsule wardrobe, the focus is on building a jewellery collection that is versatile and timeless. My essentials are: studs (or hoops), a personalised necklace, a couple of stacking rings, a pair of statement earrings, and a multi-clasp for layering. Be wary of the metals used to make your jewellery and don't forget to ask who made my jewellery? Costume jewellery is made from cheap metals that can turn your skin green while high-end jewellery comes with an eye-popping price tag; there's a nice compromise to be found somewhere in the middle with fine jewellery that's neither overly cheap nor extortionately priced. Invest in fine jewellery that will last but won't break the bank.

A Jewellery Capsule Collection

I've found this collection of minimal jewellery goes with everything I own and works just as well for special occasions as they do for the weekend. They are the jewellery pieces I turn to on a daily basis; my jewellery capsule that I wear over and over. Want to know more? This is everything you need to know about choosing jewellery.

Initial Necklace. This is a classic necklace that adds a personal touch to your outfit. It's a keepsake piece that's timeless in style and suits any outfit. I tend to find myself wearing this necklace on its own; it has such a wonderfully classic look and I love to wear it on dinner dates and special occasions. It makes such a wonderful gift too for loved ones.

Bar Necklace. This necklace looks great with plunging necklines, shirts with the buttons undone, and over tops with high necks. The slim bar is delicate but very much there; if you're looking for a minimalist statement, this is it. A bolder choice would be the horixontal bar necklace, which has a structured shape with clean lines. Both look great layered with drop charm necklaces.

Stacking Rings. Mix and match styles and textures with plain rings, textured bands, or tiny diamond rings. Take some time to experiment with finding the perfect stack of rings to find a style that suits you. I prefer to keep things simple with a couple of rings on each hand; my favourite combination is a mix and match selection of gold rings and silver rings across three fingers in a sideways stack

Classic Hoops. A jewellery staple I personally think you shouldn't be without. Hoops are comfortable and easy to wear; they look great with everything and make any outfit more chic. If hoops aren't your thing, try some simple studs instead. If you have multiple piercings, the hoops, studs, and diamond earrings look wonderful next to each other.

Diamond Necklace. Consciously made and conflict free; unlike mined diamonds, simulated diamonds are created in a laboratory. They replicate mined diamonds both in style and quality but at a much more affordable price, and without the unethical production methods. Learn more about simulated diamond jewellery and why it's better for you and the planet.

Statement Earrings. If minimal earrings aren't really your thing or you want something a little extra in your jewellery capsule; the arc earrings are the perfect choice. They have a fluid design with a gentle arc and slightly flattened edge. They're elegant with a distinct look that will give your outfit a slight edge.

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A Jewellery Capsule Collection A Jewellery Capsule Collection