Zero Waste Periods

Zero Waste Periods

There's a lot of talk about sustainable periods within the zero waste community. People who have periods are eager to tell you about their favourite solution, whether it's a menstrual cup or washable pads. I'm not surprised either. Period talk is pretty liberating, I imagine. I just haven't had to think about it much.

I wanted to share a little about my personal situation to hopefully help anyone who has a more complicated relationship with menstruation. Most posts on zero waste periods don’t take into account that for some, including me, it’s a difficult issue to tackle that isn’t always straightforward or comfortable to deal with.

I've never spoken about having a sustainable period despite being regularly asked about my favourite products. The truth is, I haven't used a menstrual cup nor have I used washable pads, and I haven't been relying on traditional menstrual products either. I haven't been using anything. I haven't had to think about sustainable products because I haven't had periods for over 10 years. As part of a plan to figure out a health issue causing me chronic pain, my periods have been induced. So after over a decade of no menstruation, I find myself having to deal with them again. I'd really rather not but here we are.

Zero Waste Periods

Most advice falls along the lines of "just use a cup" and yes, if you can that's a great idea. But if you're not ready or able to use one, there are alternatives which are just as important to know about. When trying a cup for the first time, it's good to have a backup, like these organic, cruelty-free, and biodegradable tampons, pads, and liners by TOTM, & Sisters, and NatraCare.

I've been exploring options and I wanted to share the brands and products I've found, and my experience with the ones I end up trying so you can make an informed decision about the route you decide to take. If you're curious and want to try, here are the best options I've discovered for making your period a little less wasteful and a little more Earth-friendly.

Menstrual Cups

I asked on Instagram and these three turned out to be the most popular choices:
Hey Girls

Followed closely by:
Diva Cup
Ruby Cup
Me Luna

Period Underwear

FLUX Undies (these came highly recommended)
Ruby Love

Reusable Pads

Honour Your Flow

You can find lots of handmade ones on Etsy and can maybe even make them yourself.

I opted for the OrganiCup because it was the most popular choice and they just so happened to reach out to be and gift me a cup when I needed one. Get 20% off discount code sophie20. I also had back-up liners, pads, and tampons from Daye.

If you can't use a menstrual cup or any other sustainable period product, for whatever reason, please do not feel guilty. Menstruation can be tricky enough to deal with on its own without being made to feel guilt or shame. Disposable tampons and pads make up about 0.5 percent of your personal landfill load, which isn't very much at all in the grand scheme of things. People are already shamed enough about their periods without being made to feel they're killing the planet too. I don't think it's something for us to fret too much over providing we're disposing of them properly and choosing eco-friendly options when possible.

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