An Autumn Capsule Wardrobe 2019

A Minimal Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

Summer has felt so fleeting, as it does every year. I’m a summer child; born in July, I love the sunshine and I loathe the dip in weather that signifies winter isn’t all that far away. The threat of wind and rain makes me cranky. I’m not ready to let go of those long days, warm evenings, and being able to leave the house without a jacket safe in the knowledge you won’t get rained on.

Summer was amazing. I went wild swimming for the first time, vacationed with dear friends, and celebrated my birthday with a surprise trip to Wales. I’m desperately hoping we have an unseasonably warm autumn. But I know the cooler weather is coming and I’ve started to think about my autumn capsule, albeit reluctantly. I always get quite sad about the change in weather and drop in temperature; going through and trying on everything in my wardrobe helps me to get excited about autumn/winter. Otherwise I start feeling like I need something new to fill a gap that isn't really there.

I thought I’d found a sweet spot with a 15 item seasonal capsule yet during spring and summer, I’ve found myself reaching for more. Looking over my wardrobe, it seems silly not to include more pieces in my seasonal capsules. Since I include coats, accessories, and bags in my total count, and over 70% of that is all-seasons appropriate; it makes sense I should be aiming to wear just over a quarter of my wardrobe each season to ensure I'm getting the maximum wears out of each piece. For Autumn I’ve upped the total number of items from 15 to 21 for a more flexible capsule wardrobe.

As with all my seasonal capsules, the rest of my wardrobe isn’t off-limits. These are just the items I’m most likely to wear on a daily basis during the upcoming season. If I have events, dinner dates, or special occasions, I’ll dip into my wardrobe for something more appropriate.

A Minimal Autumn Capsule Wardrobe


Anorak by Everlane. This is a ‘must include’ because rain showers are to be expected. This is one of the best purchases I’ve made for my wardrobe. The long length and extra wide hood means, even in a torrential rain pour, I’m covered. It’s saved me on countless occasions and I'm sure it'll save me on many more.

Duster by Elizabeth Suzann (gifted). Duster coats make switching between seasons a breeze. It can be thrown on over anything making everything look effortlessly put together. It has sweeping fabric with a lovely weight giving it a structured appearance. This one has been in my wardrobe for years; I love the style and fit.

Blazer by ARV. I like to look put together and a blazer is an easy way to dress up outfits with minimal effort. I dislike traditional blazers, they're too stuffy, but this one is longline with a slightly oversized fit, big lapels, and side pockets.


Cropped Cardigan by Everlane. This cardigan is great for wearing as a top, tucked into to trousers or skirts, or thrown over outfits for a cosy look. It’s cropped with balloon sleeves and a chunky knit for extra texture. I sized down for a closer, less relaxed fit and it's exactly what my wardrobe needed.

Wrap Cardigan by Dorsu (gifted). It's similar(ish) to the Elizabeth Suzann Clyde Jacket except with a softer cotton that gives it more drape without losing too much of the structure. It can be worn open like a jacket or tied with the removable belt to create a cinched silhouette.

Vintage Striped Jumper (second-hand). Warm and easy to wear, exactly what I need in autumn. I picked this up in a charity shop and it’s become one of those jumpers I reach for all the time whenever I get a bit chilly. The fit is slightly cropped on both the sleeves and the length, which gives a more refined appearance.


A-Line Dress by Monki. One of the oldest items in my wardrobe and one I wear throughout all the seasons. It’s a fantastic little black dress for dinner as well as a staple layering piece that looks great with a jumper thrown over the top; it's easily flipped from casual to smart. Despite being a fast fashion piece I purchased years ago, it hasn't worn at all.

Strappy Dress by Tonle (gifted). This dress is ideal for layering, which is very much needed in the changeable weather of autumn. Shirts can be worn underneath or tied over the top; on warmer days it can be worn on its own or paired with tights and accessories for an evening-appropriate outfit. This is the closest alternative I could find, if a little longer.

Collarless Shirt Dress by Everlane (gifted). This isn’t the most versatile dress I could have chosen but I like it a lot. It’s smart looking yet comfortable making a good choice when I’m going out to dinner and want to look good without compromising comfort.


Collarless Shirt by Everlane (gifted). This has quickly become one of my favourite shirts to wear both tucked in or worn loose. It can be smart or casual, dressy or work-wear. It's soft and lightweight, perhaps a little sheer, making it ideal for layering. The blouson sleeves are slightly cropped, which I like.

Polka-Dot Shirt by Dickins & Jones (second-hand). I’m adding a little pattern to my autumn wardrobe with some polka dots. I'm not usually one for pattern or colour but I like this shirt a lot. This shirt has big dots and a slightly oversized fit, which looks great tucked in, tied at the front, or worn underneath a jumpsuit or dress.

Boxy Top by MUJI. Simple, easy to wear, and looks great with everything else I’ve picked for my autumn capsule. It's always my go-to choice whenever I'm unsure what I wear. The fabric has a lovely structure, which gives it a smarter appearance especially when tucked in.


Tapered Trousers by Uniqlo (second-hand). These trousers, which I found on eBay and altered myself, have become a real hard-working item in my wardrobe. The linen/cotton mix means they relax with wear, taking them from relatively smart to casual.

Culottes by MUJI. This was an obvious choice that I can rely on to be smart, comfortable, and easy to wear. They make otherwise casual items look smarter. I layer with loose tops to create sweeping silhouettes or tuck in a shirt or knitwear (if it's cold) for a tailored appearance.

Jumpsuit by Avec Clyde (gifted). It can be worn in so many ways making it the ideal choice for Autumn when layering is a must. Knitwear thrown over the top, shirts buttoned underneath, or worn alone; I've found this jumpsuit to be an incredibly versatile piece.


Shoes by Dr. Marten’s. Rain or shine, these shoes never let me down. They’re practical, comfortable, and durable. If I could only own a single pair of shoes, this would be my choice. I can wear them with everything and they can even pass as a smart option.

Loafers by Wills Shoes. Classic loafers are a must for me in autumn. They feel perfect for a season of blustery weather and sun spots. These look great with or without socks or tights so I'm certain I'll wear them a lot with the rest of my autumn capsule items. They no longer make the pair I own but these are very similar.

Mules by Matt & Nat. I have two pairs of shoes I hardly wear, these and a pair of Everlane Oxfords I won in a giveaway. I’m challenging myself to wear them or lose them. I've been put off reaching for these as they're slightly too wide, maybe I can find a fix for that.


Backpack by Kanken. I tend to make use of my pockets to avoid wearing a coat or carrying a bag. However, I keep a small umbrella in the side pocket of this backpack, which is handy to have when I don’t want to wear my anorak but the sky is looking a little iffy.

Handmade Scarf. I was gifted this by my mother on her travels around Europe. Now the weather is cooling down, I can finally wear it. It adds a touch of colour to an otherwise all black outfit. I’m someone who gets cold easily so I’m reluctantly admitting this scarf will be needed for the rest of the year.

Jewellery by Oh My Clumsy Heart. Layered necklaces always adds a special something to outfits. My favourites right now are the Personalised Necklace and the Vertical Bar Necklace, and I'm always wearing a Diamond Ring. This guide will help you with layering your jewellery.