A Minimalist Skincare Capsule

A Minimalist Skincare Capsule

This is an advert in collaboration with Nathalie Bond.

My bathroom used to be packed with bottles or lotions that I’d rotate every few weeks. Not only was my space cluttered up with these products, my skin was becoming agitated by the constant barrage of new formulas being applied. Once I found what worked for me, I completely stripped it all back to a minimalist skincare capsule. Five products I knew worked: a cleanser, a moisturiser for face and body, a body wash, and a scrub. That’s it.

Much like the makeup industry, the skincare industry manipulates us into feeling we need to stress over the appearance of our skin and to fight the natural ageing process. We’re made to feel we need a product for every part of our face and body to keep it looking beautiful and young, and help to ‘fix’ the ‘problems’ that is has. The reality is, we’re fine as we are; we should embrace the way we look. Most of the anti-ageing formulas and brightening serums they try and sell us don't work and so we should focus on caring for our skin with products that do.

I almost exclusively use Nathalie Bond skincare products in my skincare routine. Aside from a couple of treatments I supplement as and when I need them (which is rarely), I stick to a small selection of products that work best for my skin. Nathalie Bond produce skincare in small batches made from natural organic plant-based ingredients. Everything is packaged in refillable (and recyclable) glass bottles. I’ve been using their skincare for months. It’s natural, gentle, and, more importantly, effective.

This is my daily skincare capsule; the products I use morning and night, that keep it looking fresh and glowing. No magic formulas or secret ingredients; just skincare that actually works.

A Minimalist Skincare Capsule

Cleanser: Coconut Oil

I’ve tested so many different cleansers and I always return to coconut oil. It’s simple and effective. A tiny 5 pence piece size can cleanse my entire face, removing every trace of makeup. In all fairness, I don’t wear a lot but I don’t doubt it could budge the heaviest of makeup. This stuff is heavy duty yet gentle. So long as you make sure you wipe away every trace of it once you’re done cleansing, you won’t run into any problems with clogged pores. Alternatively, if you prefer to stick with a more traditional cleanser or need something to treat a specific skin type, Nathalie Bond have plans to reformulate their skin balm range to make it vegan-friendly.

Face Wipes: Cotton Pads

Ditch the disposables and switch to reusable cotton pads. It’s super easy to make your own from scrap fabric and basic sewing knowledge. They’re useful for removing makeup but also applying treatments like toners and oils. Have enough for every day of the week and throw them in with the rest of your laundry to wash them.

Moisturiser: Nathalie Bond Facial Oil

Nothing beats the Gentle Facial Oil. It’s an unscented formula containing a blend of argan, camellia, baobab, and calendula oil. It leaves my skin radiant. The reason I prefer facial oils over cream moisturisers is because they’re packed with natural ingredients containing vitamins and acids that nourish, protect, and hydrate the skin. I take 4-6 drops of the Gentle Facial Oil and pat it onto my face both in the morning and evening, after cleansing. It can take a little while to sink in but I’ve found makeup can be applied right over the top, no trouble.

A Minimalist Skincare Capsule

Moisturiser: Nathalie Bond Body Oil

Applying a body lotion or cream moisturiser after showering always felt like an arduous chore to me; waiting for the sticky cream to sink in. Unsurprisingly I never used to bother and my skin suffered terribly for it. I’ve since discovered that body oil absorbs quickly, doesn't have that awful tacky feeling, and your skin is left soft and glowing. I apply all over my body directly after showering every time I shower. It helps to moisturise and hydrate, promoting elasticity of the skin and healing damage.

Body Wash: Bar Soap

The easiest and simplest zero waste swap almost everyone can make. I’ve been using bar soap as a hand and body wash for years now, and I wouldn’t switch back to the bottled liquid kind. Nathalie Bond have several bar soaps to choose from and a bulk buy option that makes it a little cheaper to buy a few together. My favourite soap is Bloom, made using French pink clay and rose geranium. If you really can’t bear to make the switch, there’s a liquid castile soap too with refillable bottles.

Scrub: Handmade Coffee Scrub

When the need to exfoliate arises, I make my own coffee scrub using spent coffee grounds and a little Nathalie Bond Oil. Mixing the two together creates a gritty scrub that can be used all over your face and body. It’s gentle and non-irritating making it ideal right before shaving, after being in the sun, or whenever your skin needs a little extra TLC.

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A Minimalist Skincare Capsule A Minimalist Skincare Capsule