Sustainable Sleepwear

October 08, 2019

Sustainable Sleepwear

Being comfortable in the bedroom and having a routine that eases you into a good night's sleep is important for your mental and physical well-being. I've found having a routine with signifiers, like taking a shower, changing into sleepwear, and reading a book before turning in, is really crucial for quality sleep.

Ethical loungewear and lingerie are pretty easy to find yet there really aren't many options when it comes to purchasing sustainable sleepwear. Thrifting nightwear might not be something you're keen on doing and the desire for comfortable clothing isn't something to be overlooked. While there are very few brands making only sleepwear exclusively, you can still find plenty of sustainable brands with nightwear appropriate clothing like plain tees, oversized shirts, and joggers. So if you can't find any sleepwear you love in this list below, check out the sustainable fashion brand directory for more ethical clothing options.

Sustainable Sleepwear

  • AmaElla
  • Cotton and Push (UK)
  • Ethical Superstore (UK)
  • Gossypium (UK)
  • Green Fibres (UK)
  • Maya Miko (UK)
  • Natural Collection (UK)
  • Noctu (UK)
  • People Tree (UK)
  • Sloane
  • Sorella Organics
  • Thought Clothing (UK)
  • YAWN (UK)

Sustainable Sleepwear

I find wearing clothes to sleep in a little peculiar but I do enjoy having sleepwear as optional 'loungewear for the bedroom'; clothes I can wear exclusively in the bed before sleeping or when staying in an unfamiliar place. Up until now I've been wearing an assortment of tees pinched from my activewear capsule, doubling-up as loungewear, and wearing those along with a pair of leggings. Not ideal when staying with relatives or friends!

Being well rested and investing in comfy sleepwear has become a priority for me since dealing with fatigue. I'm mindful of keeping my bedroom clutter-free and my nightwear cozy. I'm not rushing to update my choices; I'm slowly introducing pieces when I find the right ones. Since I only wear sleepwear for an hour or so every evening, I don't find the need for an expansive selection to choose from - perhaps you feel differently.

So far I've refreshed my sleepwear with a nightshirt gifted by YAWN. A sustainably-made nightdress made from super fine cotton with a relaxed style. I sized up, as I usually do with loungewear, for a really loose, unrestricted and comfortable fit to relax in. The lightweight fabric makes it ideal for the warmer months, although throw a dressing gown over the top and it's suitable for cooler nights.

I've also added a pair of ever-so-soft cotton pyjamas and a dressing gown gifted by Green Fibres. This set is perfect for autumn and winter; the brushed cotton is super warm and cosy. I stuck to my standard size for the dressing gown and sized up in the pyjamas to make sure the trousers fit comfortably resulting in a pyjama pant suit, which I love. There's a tie to synch in the waist creating a very chic set of sleepwear especially when paired with the beautiful olive green gown.

Both YAWN and Green Fibres create sustainably-made sleepwear from organic cotton by people who were paid fairly. Truly sustainable sleepwear you can feel good about wearing.

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Sustainable Sleepwear Sustainable Sleepwear

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