A Cold Weather Capsule

A Cold Weather Capsule

This is a capsule to help deal with those really cold days when the skies are dark and the rain never ends because let's face it, winter isn't anywhere close to being over.

I prefer summer when the weather is good and I don't have to wear several layers. I try to make it through winter by being prepared for the onslaught of wind, rail, and possibly even snow. I find winter can rob us of our personal style if we let it. The key to a successful cold weather capsule is being able to wear your all-seasons wardrobe and put outerwear over the top that keeps you safe and dry.

I've focused on the key essentials for this cold weather capsule including only the pieces that will help you feel comfortable in winter without compromising on style. Look to my winter capsule wardrobe for ideas of what to wear during the cold months.

A Cold Weather Capsule


Rain Coat by Stutterheim (gifted) A pricey investment but a worthwhile one for staying dry in the rain. I have a Mosebacke Raincoat, handmade with a rubberized coating with a perfectly fitting A-line cut so the rain just runs right off it. The hood is huge and buttons right up under your neck so you're completely covered. The style is what makes this rain coat so fantastic; it's so minimal, it looks great thrown over the top of any outfit whether you're running errands or going on a dinner date.

Hat (second-hand) A warm bobble hat or a beret are both good options. I have one of each, both purchased second-hand. The bobble hat is much better for the colder days but doesn't always go with the rest of my outfit so that's when I wear the beret.

Gloves. I don't actually own a pair at the moment! These are essential for those really cold days where you can't feel your fingers. I'm looking out for a second-hand pair as there are always so many in thrift stores.

Scarf. I've always found a big scarf you can wrap around you as well as use as a blanket if you're commuting or travelling is a useful addition to a cold weather capsule and arguably an essential for winter. I have a few: a patterned scarf that was an old purchase from a fast fashion store, a plain black hand knitted wool scarf, and a handmade pink scarf I was gifted by my mother.


Recycled Knitwear by Everlane (gifted) Knitwear that keeps you warm is crucial. You might want to take the ethical approach of seeking out second-hand wool pieces for extra warmth, as I have for much of my knitwear wardrobe. Alternatively, look for knitwear made using recycled fabrics. I have a couple of classic jumpers made by Everlane. All of them created using recycled polyester from plastic water bottles. It's not the most sustainable option and you'll need to use a microfiber catcher to keep the synthetic fibres out of the water. But it's a better alternative than buying new especially if you struggle, as I do, to find knitwear that fits well.


Basic Tees, Bodysuits, and Socks by Organic Basics (gifted) Excellent underthings are the secret to staying warm without compromising your style. To fight the cold weather, I layer up underneath my clothes with cotton basics. Organic Basics make my favourite essentials, their range of t-shirts and bodysuits are ideal for layering without making an outfit look bulky, and their socks are fantastic too.


Rain Boots by Stutterheim (gifted) On the average winter day, a trusty pair of Dr. Martens Shoes are reliable enough to see you through. But on those really cold, rainy, or snowy days, a pair of rain boots are essential for keeping your feet warm and dry. I have a pair of Stutterheim Chelsea Rainwalker Rain Boots that fit perfectly and have fantastic grip, making sure I'm sure-footed on slippery ground.