Dear Friends

Dear Friends

I hope you're well and you're taking care of yourselves and those around you. It's a tough time for everyone and hopefully we can help each other through this mess together. I'm thinking of you all.

Self-employed creators and small businesses are need of your support, now more than ever. Every independent maker has already felt the impact of this pandemic, and it's hit us all hard. Both my business, OMCH, and my blog felt the effects immediately.

I hope you understand why, during these tumultuous times, I will be continuing to write articles for A Considered Life to provide you with support doing these troubling times, and why I may work with brands on ads that help me to pay my bills while I still can. If you enjoy my blog and find my posts useful, there are ways you can share your support.

If you're able to, I urge you to buy from independent businesses. We need your money more than the big supermarkets and well-known brands. For many self-employed people, their income has completely dried up with no support from the government, and many small businesses may not make it through. Consider spending the money you would have spent on going to the pub, a yoga class, or a meal out with friends by purchasing something from a small business or self-employed maker instead. Otherwise your favourite independents may disappear.

OMCH is everything to me.
It's my job, it's my creativity, it's my income.
It's scary for me to think about the future of OMCH, if there even is one.

Right now, I'm sending out orders (while I still can), working on restocking the shop (if I'm even able to), and staying positive (despite all odds). It seems unconscionable to ask you to spend money right now when we don't know where the next few weeks or even months will take us. But ask I must. OMCH rarely has sales and even rarer is it to find a discount code. But right now, every independent business needs to keep their sales strong so we can pay our bills at the end of the month.

I'm offering a 10% discount
- code: HOPEFUL
Oh My Clumsy Heart

Hopefully this will encourage you to support OMCH, if you're able to. If you don't need the discount, please consider not using it as every penny makes a difference, and I ask for your patience and understanding regarding dispatch and delivery.

If you're not able to spend money right now, there are other ways you can show your support without spending a penny:
  · support creators you enjoy
  · like, comment, and share posts
  · write products reviews
  · sign up to newsletters
  · click links and use affiliate codes
  · recommend to a friend
  · read posts, click links, and use affiliate codes
  · like, comment, and follow on social media (@ohmyclumsyheart_ @aconsideredlife)

Thank you to everyone who has supported me, my shop and this blog, and continues to show their support, whether that's by placing an order, sending a message, writing a review, or recommending to a friend - it means the world.

Sending all my love to everyone, always x