Zero Waste Soap and Sanitiser

Zero Waste Soap and Sanitiser

Hand-washing with simple soap and water is so incredibly powerful. You might not be able to avoid touching things or who touched them but you can prevent any bacteria or virus being passed on to you by avoiding touching your face and washing your hands.

When it comes to staying safe from viruses like COVID-19, the most important advice we are given by health expects is to wash our hands often. Antibacterial products and cleaning sprays aren't anywhere near as effective as the humble bar of soap.

The proteins and lipids in soap (or even washing up liquid) work effectively at disrupting the virus and dissolving the lipids, which stop them binding to our cells. The alcohol in hand sanitiser works in a similar way. Just make sure you're washing your hands for 20 seconds or more - it's longer than you think!

For household cleaning, you don't need to buy special disinfectant products. Just make sure the product you're using contains at least 70% alcohol. But don't stress if they're all out of stock. Hot soapy water works is just as effective at cleaning surfaces. For hand washing, you can continue using your bathroom's bar soap. There's no need to replace any of the products in your home; it's completely safe and incredibly effective to continue using what you already have.

All of the following products are vegan-friendly, palm-oil free, made using natural ingredients and low waste packaging. I buy, use, and recommend them all.

Zero Waste Soap and Sanitiser

Bar Soap

Bar soap is my choice when it comes to hand and body washing. It's long-lasting, cost-effective, and leaves skin feeling clean and moisturised rather than dry like with artificial body wash.

Nathalie Bond Soap. Ideal for use as a hand or body wash, these gentle soap bars from Nathalie Bond are made using essential oils, clays, and cold-pressed oils. Gentle and Bloom are my favourites, and a 3-pack is available for you to save a little money.

Faith In Nature Soap. A simple range of bar soap, made using natural ingredients and packaged in recyclable cardboard. There's a variety of scents available as well as a fragrance-free version for sensitive skin.

Soap Daze. There's a lot of choice here depending on what you need your soap for: individual unwrapped bars, large multipacks, mini guest soaps, and evensoap on a rope for the shower. All bars are made using simple ingredients and the Oatmylk range is great for sensitive skin.

Liquid Soap

Although I prefer bar soap, there's sometimes a need for a bottle of liquid soap. I find it useful for when guests are around and the current bar soap is looking rather overused. Thankfully there are low waste options.

Nathalie Bond Liquid Soap. A blend of organic vegetable oil and essential oils are what make Nathalie Bond's liquid soap so good. Thanks to the simple ingredients, this soap can be used as both a hand and body wash.

Faith In Nature Liquid Soap. If you prefer liquid soap, you can purchase hand wash in bulk with Faith In Nature's 5L bottles. The bottles are made from recycled plastic and can be returned for reuse. I buy all my hair care and household cleaning products from Faith In Nature.

Hand Sanitiser

If you're unable to wash your hands the next best thing is hand sanitiser. I'm sure many of us are carrying around a bottle wherever we go but did you know hand sanitiser must contain at least 60% alcohol to be effective? Make sure yours is doing what it says it does.

Nathalie Bond Hand Sanitiser. Simple and effective, this neat little refillable glass bottle will fit into your pocket so there's no chance of forgetting it. It's the best smelling hand sanitiser I've tried with a lovely blend of peppermint and eucalyptus oil.

Dr. Bronner Hand Sanitiser. This is not completely zero waste. The bottle is plastic, albeit recycled, but it can be repurposed into a room or pillow spray. It's a rather large bottle at 59ml, which makes it last. The ingredients are simple and organic yet effective.


Even if you pick the gentlest of soaps, constant hand washing can lead to sore, dry skin and you're going to need something to soothe them. Balms, oils, and creams can all do the trick.

Dark Times Apothecary Calendula Balm. Calendula balm is amazing stuff. Use it all over your body from your lips to your elbows. It deeply moisturises and nourishes your skin without leaving that nasty greasy feeling. I get my mind from Dark Times Apothecary where all the ingredients are foraged and everything is handmade.

Nathalie Bond Body Oil. I swear by oil to soothe, nourish, and moisturise skin. The Nathalie Bond range of body oil are soothing and effective, made using natural and organic ingredients. My partner swears by the Skin Balm, although this is not vegan as it contains beeswax.

Studio Botanic Hand Cream. If you prefer something more traditional than balms or oils, try the Studio Botanic Hand Cream. It's lightweight yet super nourishing, which means it absorbs quickly without leaving your hands greasy and deeply moiturises leaving skin soft and supple.

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Zero Waste Soap and Sanitiser Zero Waste Soap and Sanitiser