Sustainable Celebrations and Gifting While Social Distancing

Sustainable Celebrations and Gifting While Social Distancing

As the lockdown continues, many of us will experience days we’d usually celebrate in person with friends and family. Life events that typically involve good food, excellent company, and lots of physical contact. I imagine we all have friends or family whose birthdays fall in the next few weeks and months, when everyone’s doors will be mostly closed and social distancing will still be in place. Unfortunately, we’ll have to let those important days pass us by rather quietly but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate at all.

Browsing the shelves to pick out a gift or dropping by a friend’s house to celebrate isn’t an option right now but celebrating and gifting sustainable still is and it's relatively simple. We might be living in a lockdown but we can still make low waste choices when it comes to the celebrations we choose to hold. Remember to shop from small independents whenever possible!

Ideas for sustainable celebrations and gifting remain pretty much the same if you live with the person you want to celebrate with. It just takes a little more care, thoughts, and imagination to make the day special. However, if there’s a distance between you it can be a little trickier (mentally and physically) but totally doable with digital connections, direct gifting, and future planning.

Video Calls

Celebrating with loved ones can be especially difficult if you don’t live together. Wanting to see each other in person and not being able to can be heartbreaking. Digital connection might not be quite the same but it’s close enough, and a group video call with friends or family can be a huge morale boost for you all. There are plenty of options for celebrating at a distance but still in person via group video calls. You can throw a surprise party, set up a wine tasting event, host a ‘pub quiz’, play games, or just hang out together for a couple of hours. It might not be quite what we're used to and nothing like seeing and holding your loved ones in person but it's all we've got right now.

Direct Gifting

Gifting during a lockdown isn’t that much different than normal gifting. It’s as simple as purchasing a gift online and sending it directly to them, gift wrapped with a handwritten note - something independent businesses are great at. The options are limitless with no contact deliveries available for everything from beer and wine subscription services to floral bouquets and meal kits. You can even order a surprise meal from their favourite restaurant and have it delivered straight to them. Unfortunately, the best part of gifting is missed during a lockdown; the joy of handing over a gift in person and seeing their reaction but this is as close as it gets. Looking for ideas of what to send? Here’s a list of low waste sustainable gift ideas.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are particularly great for activities we’re unable to do right now because of the lockdown: visiting an art gallery, seeing a performance, dining at a restaurant, park memberships, or classes. Experiences are a great sustainable option and make excellent gifts, whether in a lockdown or not. Please, whenever possible, support independent businesses during this difficult time. Buying gift cards really help small businesses that are struggling for money while their doors remain closed and sales have slowed. Gift cards provide these businesses with financial support and gift something wonderful to your loved ones.

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Sustainable Celebrations and Gifting While Social Distancing Sustainable Celebrations and Gifting While Social Distancing