A Review of Green People Multi-Use Plastic-Free One Balm

Multi-Use Plastic-Free One Balm by Green People

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Simplifying our habits to make them lower in waste and more eco-friendly in nature is all about finding multi-purpose products that work efficaciously at more than one job. These versatile products help streamline our beauty regimes without compromising on effectiveness. They make our beauty routines more efficient and our makeup bags lighter. Packaging has always been a stumbling block for skincare brands with a heavy reliance on single-use plastics. Switching over to multi-use products in sustainable packaging is the solution we all need.

Green People has been reducing the single-use plastics in their skincare range, and now they've released the first balm produced in 100% biodegradable sustainably-made packaging, called the One Balm. Its pot is made from wood pulp and grass fibres that degrade in soil with zero microplastics. The ingredients are all natural and mostly organically grown, grown, with ingredients such as Myrrh having been sourced from the Himba tribe. Green People ensures their ingredients are ethically sourced and fairly traded to help support traditional communities, with 10% of net profits from their products being donated to charity.

The One Balm is a multi-tasking all-in-one skin product aimed at dealing with a variety of skincare treatments, from cleansing to shaving. It’s great to have a multi-use product in your skincare repertoire that can help combat more than one issue, replacing multiple plastic products with a single biodegradable pot. The One Balm's purpose is to protect and nourish all skin types. To give you an idea of just how versatile this product is, it can be used for removing make-up; for moisturising skin; healing inflammation; restoring a dry or troubled complexion; as a lip balm; after shaving, and even for tattoo care.

Multi-Use Plastic-Free One Balm by Green People Multi-Use Plastic-Free One Balm by Green People

The One Balm is made from 99.8% certified organically grown ingredients including a blend of nourishing seed oils and plant actives, such as Myrrh, Frankincense, Pomegranate, and Rosehip oils. The formula is designed to restore, heal and soothe skin, from lips, hands, elbows and heels. An excellent product for soothing dry skin in winter, aiding irritated skin in summer and all year round as a protective layer.

The balm is suitable for all, with a neutral barely-there scent and a lightweight formula that absorbs quickly into the skin without feeling greasy. For me, the One Balm replaced the need to have separate hand creams and lip balms. I've been using it in my beauty routine to tame my brows, after shaving to protect sensitive skin, and even as a cleanser to remove eye make-up.

It's important to keep the pot out of the bathroom, away from humidity and steam, and in a cool dry spot. I keep mine on my office desk or in a bedroom drawer for easy access when I need a top up of balm for my hands or lips. After you've used up a pot of the One Balm, you can add it to your garden waste or take it to an industrial compost collection point to dispose of it. Using multi-purpose products like the One Balm means less plastic in your beauty routine and less waste in your life.

The One Balm is available on the Green People website for £20. Get 20% off when you enter the code CONSIDERED.

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Multi-Use Plastic-Free One Balm by Green People Multi-Use Plastic-Free One Balm by Green People