Celebrating Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day

Earth Day is a day honour the Earth, our appreciation for it and our promise to protect it.  It's a day to think about our impact and a prompt to make positive changes that can improve our world for the better.  Unfortunately, it's a day overtaken by brands pushing for sales of their "eco-friendly" products.  The most sustainable option is the one you already own.  So instead of buying something new this Earth Day, let's instead focus on more impactful changes and less wasteful habits.  Here's how we can celebrate Earth Day without a side of consumerism.

Set A Few Low Waste Goals

The impact we have as individuals might be small but it still matters.  We can blame the 100 companies that are responsible for 71% of global emissions and take responsibility for our own habits.  Our daily choices matter.  One way we can celebrate Earth Day is to set a few goals.  There are countless ways we can make less wasteful choices without reducing our quality of life.  Looking for ideas?  Start with this zero waste challenge.  You'll find suggestions for tiny baby steps and giant strides to reduce your waste.  Browse the low waste archives for even more ideas.

Be An Activist

To combat unjust societal structures and beliefs, we need different voices and approaches.  Offline activism is far more powerful than social media feeds.  If you can, take part in protests and volunteer your time or skills.  If in-person activism isn't possible for you, there are other ways you can be of service.  Contact your local MPs, businesses, organisations, groups, and initiatives.  Campaign for change by demanding better from them.  Activism is also about having difficult conversations with friends, family, and strangers.  Let's get comfortable with discussing our conflicting opinions.

Watch Something Inspiring

Documentaries can be so powerful they can change our lives.  I recommend watching all these environmental documentaries.  They cover everything from fast fashion to plastic waste.  They reveal the truth, as unbelievable and heartbreaking as it may be.  Engaging with a wide range of information helps us better understand how environmental issues can affect us.  This anti-racist reading list and anti-speciesist reading list are good places to learn about exploitation and oppression.  For more books and documentaries, take a look at this Earth Day list.

Make A Donation

One of the most powerful ways we can help causes we care about is by using our money.  Consider donating to organisations, charities, and individuals who are doing the hard work.  It's not only the large charities and organisations that need our help.  We should support anyone we rely on to educate us about these issues.  Pay the people you follow online for all the content you consume.  If money is tight, donating your time or skills might be a better option.

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