A Review of Qualia — Minimalist and Tailor-Made Skincare

Minimalist and Tailor-Made Skincare with Qualia

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Contrary to what the beauty industry would like you to believe, you don't need a multi-step routine to have good skin. Beauty is a billion-dollar market founded on making you feel inadequate about the way you look. It's why our bathroom shelves end up cluttered with half-used oils and creams. But there is a solution that doesn't involve buying dozens of masks or scrubs. You can nourish, repair, and moisturise your skin with minimal products to achieve a clear, hydrated, and radiant complexion.

Minimising your skin care keeps your bathroom less cluttered and your daily routine easier. It allows you to have better skin with less, reduce your waste, and focus on fewer, more impactful skin care products. The key to a minimalist skincare approach is using products specifically designed for your complexion, and that’s what exactly what Qualia Botanicals is offering.

Minimalist and Tailor-Made Skincare with Qualia

Qualia makes skincare formulated specifically for you. Made from organic and fair-trade plant-based ingredients, they offer one product with multiple uses, designed specifically to care for your skin profile. Answering the Qualia skincare quiz means your formula is tailored to all your needs. Taking into account your concerns, lifestyle and environment to formulate a unique all-purpose facial oil. Instead of a multi-step skincare routine, you can rely on one product that has multiple uses.

The Qualia quiz asks for a few personal details to discover the botanical skin formula that will work best for you. It explores what you're looking for from your sin care goals to skin complaints. You'll be asked about your complexion, if you have any issues, and if your skin is sensitive or not. After answering the questions you'll be shown your results with a botanical blend formulated from your answers.

Minimalist and Tailor-Made Skincare with Qualia

All of Qualia's skincare blends are deeply cleansing and moisturising, designed to effectively target your specific skincare needs. Your results will show a breakdown of the key ingredients chosen for your formula, why they were chosen and how they will care for your complexion. Along with recommendations on how to incorporate the oil into your daily routine.

Unlike other skincare products, the Qualia facial oil provides a tailored formula designed specifically for you. The result is a single skincare product you can use as your daily skincare routine. You can apply your facial oil as a cleanser as well as moisturiser. The botanical blend of oils are balanced to restore your skin's natural barrier, health and appearance with a versatile formula for different applications.

My blend of facial oil focuses on daily maintenance and radiance. I use it to moisturise both in the morning and evening, as well as cleanse my skin. I apply one pump to wet hands for cleansing in the morning, and a couple of pumps to remove light make-up in the evening. I follow up this cleansing routine with a single pump of oil to moisturise my skin afterwards. I've found a 30ml bottle will last around 4-6 weeks of daily us in the mornings and evenings.

Minimalist and Tailor-Made Skincare with Qualia

The formula is light-weight and fast absorbing with a gentle, natural smell. Designed to work effectively at restoring your complexion without overwhelming your skin. The oil has a silky, almost buttery feel to it, making for a luxurious experience. After using the oil regularly, I love it! It's been a great cleanser and moisturiser for me. It's worked really well as nourishing my skin and helping it to look brighter and fresher. In a few days of use, my complexion was less irritated and more even in tone. After a couple of weeks, I noticed my skin appeared more radiant and felt softer to the touch. It's all I've needed to use in my daily skincare routine.

Qualia is a gender-free brand, formulating skincare for everyone with the mission to help you have more with less and simplify your personal care. Their expertise is in pharmacgnosy and phytotherapy, the science that studies the medicinal uses of plants and natural sources. They create skincare that's not only kind to you but also to the planet. All their ingredients are organic, vegan-friendly, and fair-trade and their packaging is eco-friendly.

If you're interested in minimising your routine with more effective skincare formulated for you, try Qualia Botanicals using the code: SOPHIEDAVIES to get 5% off your first order.

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Minimalist and Tailor-Made Skincare with Qualia Minimalist and Tailor-Made Skincare with Qualia