Decluttering Before A Move With Trussle

Decluttering Before A Move With Trussle

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While I'm not planning to move home any time soon, I have lots of friends who are and tips for making that move as easy as possible are eagerly welcomed. I’ve relocated numerous times including short and long-distance moves involving everything from hiring packers and a van to asking kind friends and relatives to lend a helping hand. I know a thing or two about simplifying the process.

There's a few reasons why now might be a great opportunity to buy a property or move home, one of them being the stamp duty holiday which ends on the 30th June 2021.

Trussle is a free online mortgage broker providing expert advice and support wherever you may be on the property ladder. Whether you're buying or remortgaging, Trussle can help you to find the right mortgage deal quickly and easily. Using their Stamp Duty Calculator you can work out how much stamp duty you'll pay for a residential UK property if you move before or after the stamp duty holiday deadline on 30th June. Trussle also has a mortgage calculator, which is particularly useful if you're considering buying your first property.

If you're relocating to a new home, you might be looking for tips to make the moving process simpler and easier. I'm sharing what I consider to be the most important packing hack in collaboration with Trussle.

Decluttering Before A Move With Trussle

My biggest takeaway when moving home has always been: declutter before you pack. Streamline your belongings so you're only taking what you need, use, and enjoy having in your home. Decluttering can be an arduous task and one you might not feel like doing in the midst of a life-changing move. But it's one of the best decisions you can make in terms of saving money, reducing stress, and improving your quality of life.

Decluttering your belongings before packing them up might seem like an extra thing on your already long to-do list that isn't worth spending the time on. However, you'll thank yourself later if you go through the process of decluttering before you move home. Unpacking and settling in will be so much easier, if you get rid of your unwanted stuffs before moving. You'll spend less money on removal costs, and less time unpacking things you don't even want. Your new space will feel like home sooner because it's full of things you need and love, not crammed with clutter you wish you'd never packed.

Not taking the opportunity to downsize before a move is a big mistake. The sooner you get started on decluttering the better. Start with the obvious stuff - recycle, donate, throw away - and then move onto the smaller, slightly trickier items. Starting weeks or even months before a move will enable you to clear your space and deal with your unwanted stuff with plenty of time to go through it all without adding extra stress to an already big life event. Nobody wants boxes upon boxes of stuff they don't like cluttering up their new home.

If you’re pressed for time, decluttering closer to your moving date isn't ideal but you can make it work. Go through your belongings as you pack them, and be ruthless! Imagine yourself unpacking each item in your new home. Does it look good? Do you need it? Or is it just taking up space? Think carefully about all those “not quite right” items: the shoes that pinch, the jeans that don’t fit, the trinkets you never use, old birthday and Christmas cards. Do they really deserve the space they take up? Are they worth the money it costs to move them? If your answer is no, get rid of them and save yourself some time, space and money.

For those of you moving home - good luck! Leave your moving tips and packing hacks below in the comments. Learn more about how Trussle can help you with your mortgage here.

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Decluttering Before A Move With Trussle Decluttering Before A Move With Trussle