Habits For A Simple Life

Habits For A Simple Life

From living a simple sustainable life, I've noticed how creating habits take away overwhelm and prioritise what's most important. Some of these habits have formed slowly over time, developing from a need to get something done quickly and effectively. Others have been intentionally put into place so that I can make time for more important creative pursuits.

I'm not someone who likes to stick to a routine but I do find certain daily habits help give structure to my days. It means all the important stuff I have to do gets done fast and efficiently, so I can get to doing the fun creative stuff I'd rather be doing much quicker.

The key is finding habits that are sustainable for your life. If we take a moment to figure out how to reconstruct our lives, taking into account all the things we want to do as well as the things we have to do; it's possible to carve out a life that's simpler and easier.

These are the habits I've formed that keep my life simple and sustainable.

Wake Up At The Right Time

I don't believe waking up super early suits everyone or that waking up later makes you lazy. I think it's important to listen to our bodies instead. Adjusting the time I wake up depending on if I need more or less, and how my body feels, has been a game changer. It's a privilege that comes with being self-employed, and one I never stop feeling grateful for.

Reflect On Feelings and Mood

Every day I check the Co-Star app. I've found it's a great way of reflecting on how I'm feeling that day, the mood I'm in, and how I can work through those thoughts and feelings during the day. It helps to highlight my pain points, understand myself, and avoid negative thought patterns.

Eat Well and Intuitively

Food is a big deal in our house. Food should be a joy, not a struggle. After decades of restriction, and unpicking diet culture; I'm not about to undo all that hard work by simplifying this aspect of my life. Some people find eating the same thing every day a useful way to keep their life simple. I prefer to eat intuitively with abundance.

Habits For A Simple Life

Do The Hard Tasks First

When it comes to important yet boring chores, or uncomfortable anxiety-inducing tasks, getting them out of the way as soon as possible is the best habit to have. I find they eat into my day by taking up head space, which is only reclaimed once I've ticked them off my to-do list. Any time I solve these pain points before doing anything else, it's an immediate weight lifted off my shoulders.

Dress From A Capsule Wardrobe

I won't ever be someone who wears literally the same outfit every single day. To me, that's boring and uncreative. I like to have fun with my wardrobe (or as much fun as someone with an almost entirely black wardrobe can have!). Capsule wardrobes do help to simplify life though. It's much easier to get dressed in the morning when you have a wardrobe you've put thought into.

Walk Every Day

Going on multiple walks every day is something that's become a regular part of my daily life. That first walk in the morning is always glorious. It's a chance to wake up slowly, clear my head, and focus on the day. I use a trail app to discover new routes that help me to explore more of the city I live in.

Delegate Tasks

My partner and I have found a natural split in household chores. There are some things only I do, and others only my partner does. Some of them we discussed to decide who is responsible for doing them, others fell naturally into place. Relying on each other to take care of these tasks means we share the responsibility of keeping our home clean and tidy in a way that makes sense.

Do More Of What Makes You Happy

Making time for doing the things we enjoy is something I believe a lot of people don't or aren't able to do regularly. Part of doing more of what makes us happy is saying "no" to things that eat away at our time, and take us further away from what we want to do more of. The only way to develop interests and enjoy hobbies is to prioritise them.