The Best Sustainable Vegan Dog Food Brands

Sustainable Plant-Based Dog Food Brands

When I brought a companion into my life I committed to making decisions about his welfare based on what is best for him. Not what would make my life easier or more comfortable. As a result, I've spent a lot of time learning about dog behaviour, welfare, enrichment, and training. I want him to the live the happiest and healthiest life possible.

From training techniques to dietary information, there is a lot of conflicting information out there about our companions. Much of the advice is based on out of date studies and old-fashioned beliefs. Despite popular opinion, dogs can thrive on on nutritionally complete and balanced vegan diet. They may even experience a range of health benefits. Modern studies are providing evidence of this. The latest studies into dog nutrition is overwhelmingly pointing towards a plant-based diet for dogs being one of the healthiest options.

Sustainable Plant-Based Dog Food Brands

It's important we don't allow fear to push us into conformity without educating ourselves and making a decision based on what is best for our companion. Regardless of whether you feed your dog an animal- or plant-based diet, it must must be nutritionally complete. A study examining commercial vegetarian dog foods found that 75% were nutritionally complete while 25% were not. So if you avoid the cheapest brands using the lowest quality ingredients, and provide a range of foods for them to try, your dog's diet should be healthy.

These are the top vegan dog food brands. When I was looking into options, I focused on a few main factors: essential ingredients, ingredient quality, customer reviews, and cost. Some of these options might be better than others for your dog, but I'd happily give any of these to my own companion. The only issue I ran into was how tricky it is to shop for vegan dog foods in-person. The good news is, most brands offer online subscriptions with a discount. So once you've found a brand your dog enjoys, you can set up an automatic order and never run short of food ever again.

Sustainable Plant-Based Dog Food Brands


Founded independently in 2005, Benevo are a family business and one of the oldest UK vegan pet foods. Based in Hampshire, they have a complete range of 100% plant-based dog food including dry food, wet food, treats and snacks. Benevo are approved by the UK Vegan Society and Vegetarian Society. For two years running they achieved the highest level possible from the Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Organisation Award of 100 out of 100. They are also rated at 'the most ethical pet food' with a score of 20/20 from the Ethical Consumer Magazine.

When I unexpectedly stayed an extra day on holiday, I needed to pick up more dog food. An independent pet shop recommended Benevo Duo. In my experience, a plant-based option is less likely to cause a stomach upset when switching food at such short notice. I was proved right when my dog had no issue eating this. It got me seriously considering switching the dog to a plant-based diet.


Launching in 2013 under the name of Butch & Bess, this brand started by making ethically-certified grooming products. Rebranding to Hownd in 2015, they launched their first wet food in 2021 with dry food (and more flavours) later on in the year. They claim to be the first company in the UK to create a nutritionally complete food range, which is high in protein and hypoallergenic. They also have a range of hemp-based wellness treats.

My companion was gifted a taster pack containing all three of Hownd's wet superfood and a sample of their dry kibble. I also bought him a pack of their hemp treats. My dog enjoyed everything particularly the treats, which have become his before-bed snack of choice.

Sustainable Plant-Based Dog Food Brands


Omni was founded in 2020 by Dr. Guy Sandelowsky, a small animal veterinarian, and a family-member with a history of raising plant-based dogs. Together they developed a nutritionally balanced plant-based dry dog food, the first of its kind in the UK. Their nutritionally complete recipe focuses on providing dogs with the 10 essential amino acids they need. It's why Omni doesn't have a 'hero protein.' Instead their kibble contains a blend of protein from peas, soya, lentils, potato, microalgae and yeast. Their range is not only good for dogs but also for the planet. 61% less water and 92% less land is used in its production compared to traditional dog food.

I spoke at length with the team at Omni. They put my mind at ease about switching the dog over to a plant-based diet providing information on recent studies into nutritional science and sustainability. I introduced their plant-powered adult dog food into my dog's routine, and he loved it so much I used it train him some new tricks. I was gifted a 1kg sample pack from Omni, and have since joined their subscription service.

Sustainable Plant-Based Dog Food Brands

Lily's Kitchen

Lily’s Kitchen used to be a family-run business with an excellent reputation. However, in April 2020 it was taken over by NestlĂ© Purina-one of the world's most corrupt corporations. While you might want to avoid buying from NestlĂ©, Lily's Kitchen one of the few brands with vegan options stocked in stores and supermarkets. The composition of Lily's Kitchen plant-based dog food is nourishing and healthy, although not necessarily complete. It's a good option as a topper or to be rotated through as one of your dog's meal options.

Very few brands offer the smaller 150g serving sizes that Lily's Kitchen do. So I do occasionally buy the Rainbow Stew as they're ideal for those of us with smaller companions who like to travel.

Sustainable Plant-Based Dog Food Brands

The Pack

The husband and wife led team behind The Pack are focused on reducing the environmental impact of our pets. Their range of plant-powered dog food is science-backed and crafted by nutritionists so your dog's health is top priority. The recipes are put together following the nutritional guidelines of the European Pet Food Industry as well as the National Research Council. All 3 flavours are hypoallergenic and contain plant-based Vit D3 from Algae oil. Even their packaging is environmentally-friendly.

There's no denying The Pack are the coolest looking pet food brand out there with their super cute branding. I like that Judy and Damien's goal is to simply put more plants into every dog's bowl. Your dog doesn't have to "go vegan" to leave a smaller carbon pawprint. The team sent me a 3-pack sample for my dog to try. I like to give my companion a wide-ranging diet. The Pack offer one of the most varied vegan-friendly wet foods on the market, and it's one I'm keen to subscribe to.

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Sustainable Plant-Based Dog Food Brands Sustainable Plant-Based Dog Food Brands