A Travel Capsule for a Summer Holiday

A Packing List For Dorset

Slow sustainable travel is important to me. So to make my summer holiday plans more sustainable and affordable, I booked an AirBnB with friends. We spent the week together in Lyme Regis, exploring the Jurassic Coast and coastal trails. If you're interested in visiting Dorset, you can read about my trip in the latest slow travel guide.

This is the travel capsule for my current trip, what I packed and how I wore it. After years of putting together packing lists and capsule wardrobes; I've realised planning outfits is one of the easiest ways to avoid over-packing. It also makes getting ready in the morning much faster too. I always take a jewellery capsule with me; one or two pieces that go with everything, and make otherwise casual outfits look more sophisticated.

A Packing List For Dorset


Linen Midi, Linen Fox (purchased, 2020)
Swimsuit (old, 2020)

I've worn this linen midi dress from Linen Fox almost weekly since I purchased it two years ago. I got to wear the dress twice on this trip before noticing irreparable wear and tear. The damage is so significant I won't be keeping it in my wardrobe, and have had to remove it from my summer capsule. But I will try to fix the dress the best I can to wear as house clothes.

A swimsuit was an obvious choice for this holiday. Mine is a super old (and very worn out) one-piece from a fast fashion brand. What I like so much about this one is it's full coverage without being frumpy. I'm in dire need of new swimwear, however, I've yet to find a sustainably-made one that I like as much. I'm working on a shopping guide though!


Linen Shirt, Everlane (gifted, 2022)
Cotton Shirt (thrifted, 2022)
Vintage Embroidered Shirt (thrifted, 2021)

Oversized shirts made from breathable fabrics are an essential for any summer holiday. I took three options for this trip: a linen button-up to match my linen trousers, an oversized pull-on cotton shirt, and a vintage embroidered shirt. Each one could be tucked in or worn loose for comfort without looking sloppy.


Balloon Trousers, MUJI (purchased, 2022)

These balloon trousers are a new purchase that I've gotten considerable wear out of in the short few weeks I've had them. They make hot days bearable without sacrificing style. The elasticated waist also has a hidden tie that cinches your waist in even further. Useful if your hip to waist ratio is considerably different in size, like mine!


Trainers, Hylo (gifted, 2022) Sandals, Teva (purchased, 2020)

I wanted to pack my Birkenstock sandals. But after 8 years of solid use (and a resoling) they're starting to look worse for wear. So I left them at home in favor of my Tevas. I was unsure how they'd compare in comfort and durability, thinking they wouldn't be so great for long walks. I was proved wrong. The Tevas were a great option and happily could have worn them all holiday.

I packed my Hylo trainers for when I knew I'd be on my feet for most of the day. They're springy and breathable, making them a great choice for Summer adventures. I was glad to have them when the weather cooled off significantly on a couple of the days.


Crossbody Bag, Everlane (gifted, 2021)

I use this bag every day so there was no deliberating over which bag to pack for this holiday. It's my catch-all for my daily essentials as well as the dog's. I can cram everything I need for a trip to the beach, including a small selection of beauty products and a book.


Sustainable Minimal Jewellery, Oh My Clumsy Heart
Vintage Sunhat

I had planned to pack a wide brimmed sun hat. But at the last minute I swapped it out for a bucket hat and I'm glad I did. It was a more suitable option that matched everything in my travel capsule. The real bonus was it could easily be folded up and stored away in my bag.

I've been enjoying layering necklaces this summer. My favourite combination is the snake chain, daisy necklace, and medallion necklace. I wore all three every single day using a multi-clasp detangler to ensure they didn't get damaged.

A Packing List For Dorset
A Packing List For Dorset A Packing List For Dorset A Packing List For Dorset A Packing List For Dorset

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A Packing List For Dorset A Packing List For Dorset