A Monochrome Capsule Wardrobe

A Monochrome Capsule Wardrobe

If you're tired of feeling like you have nothing to wear despite having a wardrobe full of clothes, or are constantly shopping for new pieces to "complete" an outfit... It might be time to consider building a capsule wardrobe instead.

I've had my own capsule wardrobe for many years now. It's a method that offers a simplified approach to styling, making it easy to get dressed without much effort—or thought! It's helped to me to organise my wardrobe and reduce clutter too.

The easiest way to get started with capsule wardrobe dressing is to create monochrome outfits—especially if you start with black and white! Choose a colour you love and pieces that match your personality, and you'll quickly start discovering your own personal style.

In this guide, I'll explain what monochromatic style is and show you how to create a monochrome capsule wardrobe.

What is Monochromatic Style?

Monochromatic style is a simple yet versatile way of creating more cohesive wardrobe. By sticking to a carefully chosen, limited colour palette, a wide range of outfits can be made from a minimal wardrobe.

Monochromatic dressing is wearing an outfit that is all one colour. Clothing might be in the exact same shade or different hues with a variety of textured fabrics or patterns. The result is a clean style with visually appealing outfits that are suitable for many different occasions.

Why create a monochrome capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe provides a simplified approach to style. It takes all the decision-making out of outfit styling, saving you both time and money. The consistent colour palette of a monochrome wardrobe means you'll be able to put together cohesive outfits in an instant, with very little effort.

Monochrome outfits in particular have a classic, timeless style that never goes out of fashion. Meaning you can wear these outfits for years to come, and they'll always look stylish.

A Monochrome Capsule Wardrobe

How do you make a monochromatic wardrobe?

A monochrome capsule wardrobe is a collection of versatile pieces in a single colour that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of outfits.

Choose A Colour Palette

When choosing a colour palette for a capsule wardrobe, the most important factor is making sure you choose colours that you love to wear. So long as they work well together and can be worn in a variety of outfits.

The most popular colours for a capsule wardrobe include neutral tones, earth colours, jewel tones, and pastel shades. These are the colours that tend to be the most versatile, and can be easily mixed and matched.

Add Shades and Textures

Once a colour palette has been decided on, experiment with different fabrics and mix in different shades of the same colours. This will create depth and dimension to outfits, making them more interesting to style and wear.

This works best for saturated colours or pastel shades. For a black and white monochrome capsule wardrobe, try adding a pop of colour with shoes or accessories. It's a great way to wear statement pieces while maintaining a minimalist wardrobe.

Play With Patterns and Prints

Although a monochromatic capsule wardrobe should stick to a consistent colour palette, mixing prints and patterns into outfits will add visual details that keeps things interesting.

Stripes, polka dots, and animal print are all popular choices—although not to everyone's taste! For a more unique capsule wardrobe, look for original patterns and one-of-a-kind prints designed by independent makers.

Shop For Quality Pieces

The goal of any capsule wardrobe—monochromatic or otherwise!—is to have a limited number of versatile items that can be worn for a long time. These items should be well-made in timeless styles that can be worn in numerous settings.

Shopping for quality clothing pieces should be a top priority when creating a capsule wardrobe. It ensures they can endure frequent wear and won't need to replaced as often.

Include Monochrome Accessories

Don't forget the accessories! Jewellery in particular is one of the best ways to add colour and texture to a monochrome outfit for a more polished look. Adding a few statement pieces with a unique style or interesting print will create a more distinctive capsule wardrobe.

Enamel jewellery, printed scarves, sunglasses are all great options for adding colour and texture to a monochromatic outfit. Although if paired-down design is more in-keeping with your style, opt for minimal jewellery pieces in either gold or silver.

A Monochrome Capsule Wardrobe

A Monochrome Capsule Wardrobe

My wardrobe used to entirely black—so I'm familiar with putting together monochromatic outfits! I've slowly expanded my colour palette but starting my capsule wardrobe with a single colour really helped define my personal style and build a timeless selection of clothes I love.

This is an example of a monochrome capsule wardrobe I put together using my existing clothes. Monochrome outfits can feel a little boring so I mix in a few textures and prints; as well as enamel jewellery and vintage accessories to add fun, interesting elements to my outfits.

Jewellery, sunglasses, and scarves are a simple yet effective way of introducing statement pieces into a wardrobe, without losing the minimalist style that makes a capsule wardrobe so wearable.

  1. Longline Coat
  2. Trench Coat
  3. Anorak
  4. Wrap Dress
  5. Midi Dress
  6. Collared Dress
  7. Cropped Cardigan
  8. Bow Jumper
  9. Patterned Vest
  10. Classic Button-Down
  11. Patterned Shirt
  12. Oversized Shirt
  13. Linen Trousers
  14. Maxi Skirt
  15. Balloon Jeans
  16. Loafers
  17. Shoes
  18. Sandals
  19. Printed Scarf
  20. Handbag
  21. Patterned Tote
  22. Enamel Necklace
  23. Clear Sunglasses
  24. Minimalist Earrings

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A Monochrome Capsule Wardrobe A Monochrome Capsule Wardrobe