A Review of Naked Nutrition Protein Powder

A Review of Naked Nutrition Protein Powder [AD]
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As an active walker focused on endurance rather than muscle building, I haven't paid much attention to protein powders until I discovered Naked Nutrition. Being someone who leads a busy lifestyle and often finds myself too short on time to prepare breakfast, this plant-based protein supplement has provided me with a convenient solution.

On days where I've planned a long morning walk or am running late for work, I don't need to skip out on a wholesome breakfast and risk running low on energy—which has a huge impact on my day! Naked Shake eliminates the need to prepare a full meal while still providing all the nourishment my body requires.

I've been incorporating Naked Shake PB Blueberry Protein into quick breakfast recipes so I don't have to compromise between convenience and health. My favourite easy option is chia pudding, which can be batch-made in advance ready for the week ahead. The portion size is small yet filling meaning I easily have enough time to eat breakfast even when my schedule is packed.

Naked Shake Ingredients

Naked Shake's ingredient list is simple yet wholesome with natural and pronounceable ingredients, including pea protein, organic coconut sugar, and monk fruit extract. The formula has a wide range of essential amino acids and is easily digested, making it a great alternative to whey protein.

The limited ingredients, low sugar and high protein content means Naked Shake offers a healthy protein shake for anyone with an active lifestyle looking to supplement their diet. Plant-based proteins are generally easier to digest, making Naked Shake the ideal choice for anyone with dietary restrictions or a sensitive stomach.

A Review of Naked Nutrition Protein Powder [AD]

The Best Way to Take Protein Powder

The most common way to consume protein powder is via a shake or smoothie but these options require prep and cannot be batch-made. I prefer to mix the Naked Shake protein powder into chia pudding or pancakes, both of which can be pre-made and stored in the fridge or freezer.

My quick and easy chia pudding recipe involves mixing 125ml plant-based milk with 34g protein powder and 2 tbsp chia seeds. Pour into a pot and leave overnight. Top with fresh fruit and peanut butter right before serving.

The Naked Shake powder has a fine texture that easily combines with other ingredients. Mixed into plant-based milk or blended with fruit, the powder enhances the flavour of the other ingredients without affecting the consistency. The result is a sweet, flavourful, and nutritious meal with a smooth, creamy texture that doesn't taste like a supplement.

Naked Shakes helps strike the perfect balance of energy replenishment, muscle recovery, and satiety. I've found it to be a fantastic solution when I need a quick easy meal on days when my schedule is too busy for a properly cooked breakfast. I can grab a pre-prepared chai pudding to eat before a long walk or to take with me when travelling.

Naked Shake proves that protein powder isn't just for gym-goers. It can be a useful solution for anyone with an active lifestyle and who needs a plant-based alternative for supplementing their daily protein.

Naked Nutrition has a range of plant-based products including protein powders and weight gain supplements. This is a review of the PB Blueberry Vegan Protein, available online at $41.99 per 1kg.