Embracing Simple Living Through Trail Running

Embracing Simple Living Through Trail Running

In today's fast-paced world, it can be difficult to slow down and enjoy the simple things, especially if you're a minimalist living in the city. I've discovered that by embracing trail walking—or running, if you prefer to pick up the pace!—it's possible to find contentment in the simplicity of being among nature.

Walking outdoors, going hiking, or joining trail running events offers a way of embracing a simpler, slower lifestyle even if it's only momentarily. One of the best things about trail running is you don't have to travel very far; any local nature spot will do. I've found any place with dog-friendly walks often have suitable routes for trail running.

Trail running is defined as running in nature on outdoor trails rather than the paved paths. The route often includes ascent and descents but it doesn't have to. Trail running can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it, meaning it's a great activity for people of all ages and fitness levels.

It's an activity about connection rather than competition. Trail running provides a way to connect with nature, release mental clutter, and be present in the moment. You can go at whatever pace suits you, whether that's running really slowly or even walking. As a result, you don't need expensive equipment or even any training.

For me, walking the trails is a meditative practice that allows me to be fully present in the moment. When I'm surrounded by nature, there's very little else I can think about other than my surroundings and the sensations in my body. It's an activity I can enjoy alone with my dog, or with other people.

Embracing Simple Living Through Trail Running

Having sustainably-made running clothes—that can also be worn on hikes and for trail walking—is essential for staying comfortable. Whether walking or running, having lightweight clothing and nimble shoes make it easier to maintain a brisk pace and cover several miles, day after day.

While a classic t-shirt and leggings will see you through most short runs outdoors, and a hip pack will carry all you need; high-quality runners are important for covering long-distances. Trail shoes offer a better grip on the loose, uneven and perhaps even slippery terrain, and protect your feet from debris, like rocks and sticks. These shoes have more padding that will cushion your feet against any rugged terrain you encounter.

I've made room in my capsule wardrobe for a small selection of trail essentials, including a hooded jacket and trail runners, so I'm never put off by the weather conditions. By prioritising spending time outdoors more regularly, my energy levels have gone up, I get better sleep, and I'm generally a much happier person.

If you've ever needed a reason to try trail running—this is it! Whether you live in a city and need to escape the fast-paced lifestyle, or want a more meditative, less competitive form of exercise; trail running is a peaceful way to regain a sense of mindfulness and a deep appreciation for nature.

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Embracing Simple Living Through Trail Running Embracing Simple Living Through Trail Running