An Eclectic Grandpa Capsule Wardrobe

An Eclectic Grandpa Capsule Wardrobe

TikTok has forever changed the fashion industry. With every viral fashion trend, a surprising new way to describe its unique style emerges. First it was "coastal grandmother," followed quickly by "quiet luxury," then it was "coquette," and now it's "eclectic grandpa." While these niche labels may seem a bit silly, what is fashion if it isn't a little absurd occasionally?

Labels can be useful for helping to define what it is exactly you like about an outfit. This then provides something to aim for when developing outfit ideas. You don't need to pick one aesthetic and stick to it though. A well-rounded capsule wardrobe will be versatile enough to allow experimentation using the clothes you already own—my style guides and mini-capsules will show you how.

What is grandpacore fashion?

Grandpa core highlights the fashion worn by grandfathers who prefer the comfort of leisurely outfits. Clothes are chosen for their quality and comfort rather than style with a muted colour palette, resulting to a wardrobe full of timeless staples. Thick knits, sweater vests, patterned shirts, and cardigans paired with wire-frame glasses, baseball caps, and tassel loafers are the staples of a grandpacore outfit.

What does eclectic grandpa mean?

The 'eclectic grandpa' aesthetic celebrates the enduring fashion styles typically worn by the older generations—with a modern twist. The eclectic grandpa aesthetic mixes classic knits, sweater vests, and tassel loafers paired with kitschy knitwear, clashing prints, and graphic tees to create unpredictable outfit combinations.

An Eclectic Grandpa Capsule Wardrobe

An Eclectic Grandpa Capsule Wardrobe

  1. Longline Coat
  2. Boxy Overcoat
  3. Knitted Vest
  4. Check Shirt
  5. Printed Shirt
  6. Cableknit Turtleneck
  7. Barrel Pants
  8. Linen Trousers
  9. Printed Scarf
  10. Classic Loafers
  11. Hip Pack
  12. Baseball Cap
  13. Colourful Socks
  14. Vintage Glasses
  15. Roman Coin Necklace

As with all my mini-capsules, I created this eclectic grandpa capsule using my all-year wardrobe and the clothes I already own. I do this to show just how easy it is to style multiple different looks from the same clothes when you have versatile clothing options. It's all about styling!

If you want to experiment with different aesthetics, try out new trends, and find different ways to style the clothes you already own; try putting together your own mini capsule and restyling outfits using the clothes in your existing wardrobe.

Eclectic Grandpa Outfit Inspiration

Eclectic Grandpa Outfit Inspiration

How to Create an Eclectic Grandpa Capsule Wardrobe

This is how to create eclectic grandpa outfits using the clothes already in your capsule wardrobe. To get this look right you need to pair timeless staples with statement accessories to achieve an understated eclectic look.

Comfort Over Style

Central to the eclectic grandpa core aesthetic is the focus on comfort over fleeting trends. Outfits feature tailored basics with playful details, and are worn on repeat, year after year—regardless of the current fashion. Comfort need not compromise style though; it simply becomes an integral part of every outfit.

When putting together an eclectic grandpa look focus on smart-casual clothes that aren't restrictive or tight-fitting. Every item should be practical and convenient with loose-fitting cuts, soft natural fabrics, and relaxed styling to effortlessly embody the laid-back vibe of this aesthetic.

Timeless Basics

The eclectic grandpa aesthetic is all about wearing timeless basics that are as practical as they are stylish. It's not style that can be curated overnight as each outfit exudes personal style through the use of a well-loved clothes that have been worn countless times over the years.

Replicating the eclectic grandpa style can be easily achieved with a few simple wardrobe pieces; items you probably already have in your wardrobe. With some clever restyling, it's possible to create outfits that emulate the grandpa core style without having to shop for anything new.

Earthy Tones, Fun Details

The eclectic grandpa style has a neutral-toned colour palette punctuated by playful elements. Outfits often feature muted shades including golden brown, forest green, navy blue, and deep red, paired with interesting prints, original designs, and classic jewellery.

Outfits have a sophisticated yet relaxed feel because of the unique blend of items that combines smart-casual clothing with streetwear pieces and fun little details. This reimagining of your grandfather's traditional wardrobe staples perfectly encapsulates the aesthetic, making it relevant for the modern day.

Thrift Finds

Look no further than your local thrift shop to find unique retro hand-me-downs to complete your eclectic grandpa outfits. There will be countless chunky sweaters, knitted vests, flat caps, and loafers to choose between at a fraction of the cost of buying them new. The result will be one-of-a-kind clothes you'll cherish forever and wear for years—even when the eclectic grandpa trend is over!

To fully embrace the playful nature of the eclectic grandpa aesthetic, incorporate clashing patterns, novelty prints, and colourful accessories. Again, these can be vintage finds, thrifted in person or online, or original designs made by independent makers that add a personal touch to outfits.

Practical Footwear

Choosing the right shoes to pull off the grandpa core look involves finding a balance between comfort, style, and vintage flair. Shoes needs to be practical and appropriate in order to provide the comfort essential for living the eclectic grandpa lifestyle.

Lace-up boots, tassel loafers, brogues, or sneakers are the ideal choice for balancing functionality and style. Opt for classic colours, like brown or black, with minimal branding and a slightly worn-in appearance. The right shoes will add a grandpa core charm to any outfit.