A Shopping Guide to Sustainable Rain Boots and Wellingtons

Sustainable Rain Boots and Wellingtons

Coping with rainy weather, muddy walks, and deep puddles can be a challenge without the right footwear. Whether you're a city dweller, dog walker, or outdoor adventurer, having a reliable pair of waterproof boots is more than just a practical choice; it's an essential staple for any wardrobe.

The Problem With Wellington Boots

Most wellington boots aren't biodegradable, making them a not-so-sustainable footwear choice. Often made using non-biodegradable materials, this type of boot is not only difficult to repair but nearly impossible to recycle.

Waterproof footwear must be made from mixed materials in order to do its job properly, making it impossible to recycle once the shoes reach the end of their life. Even boots made from natural rubber or plant-based alternatives are difficult to deal with once they've worn out.

Unfortunately, options are limited when it comes to sustainable wellies and rain boots. While there are few alternatives made from natural materials by well-treated workers, still none of them can be fully recycled.

The only sustainable choice when you need 100% waterproof boots is to opt for a pair ethically made using natural rubber, taking care to protect them from damage and repairing them so they last as long as possible.

Sustainable Rain Boots and Wellingtons

Ethical and Sustainable Wellies and Rain Boots

While looking for a pair of waterproof shoes for my own wardrobe, I created this guide to ethical and sustainable rain boots and wellies. So if you want to purchase rain boots with a clear conscience, here are the brands to look for.


Aigle is a French brand specialising in functional and durable footwear. The brand makes high-quality waterproof rubber boots using sustainable materials, and designed for everyday wear and outdoor activities. The range includes various styles, from classic designs to more contemporary and fashionable options.


Evercreatures is a footwear brand known for its vibrant and innovative designs, appealing to those who seek both functionality and a touch of individuality in their footwear. The range offers an alternative to the traditional wellington boot with its eye-catching designs, bold patterns, and vibrant colours.


Gumleaf is a British footwear brand known for its high-quality, handmade wellington boots. Each pair is designed by farmers, made in a traditional boot factory, and tested in the worst weather. Gumleaf prides itself on making reliable, comfortable rubber boots that can withstand the demands of outdoor life.


Lakeland footwear is designed in the UK and made in Sri Lanka using natural rubber. Each pair of boots has been designed for wearing in farmyards and to festivals; from country lanes to city streets. The range includes both tall and short wellington boots in a classic design with simple colours choices.

Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat is a Canadian fashion brand known for its stylish and sustainable accessories, including bags, shoes, and outerwear. The brand incorporates materials like recycled rubber, vegan leather, and other eco-friendly alternatives. Its range of rain boots is limited but offers some of the most fashionable choices available.


Thesus is a Canadian brand making socially and environmentally progressive outdoor footwear. Its range of rubber boots are handmade in Portugal using recycled materials, including rubber and nylon. Another great choice for anyone looking to buy stylish yet functional waterproof shoes.

Will's Vegan Shoes

Will's Vegan Shoes is known for its commitment to providing ethical and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional leather footwear. It features a wide range of styles from waterproof hiking boots to practical snow shoes. Each pair is made using bio-based materials and synthetic alternatives to leather.

Sustainable Rain Boots and Wellingtons

The Pair I Chose

I put together this guide while looking for a pair of sustainable wellingtons to add to my own wardrobe. I needed to replace my rain boots that had split while also looking for a backup pair of sustainable trainers too.

Instead of buying both, I decided to buy one pair that serves multiple purposes; waterproof footwear that would be comfortable for dog walking but also appropriate to wear with the rest of my wardrobe.

Previously I owned a pair Everlane Rain Boots and before that, a pair of Stutterheim Rain Boots. Both survived a few years of heavy wear and tear, from dog walks to days trips, before eventually succumbing to split seams that let the rain in and made the soles fall off.

On my hunt for the perfect waterproof ankle boots, I found the above sustainable footwear brands and I settled on these Aigle Soft Rain Boots. Responsibly-made, unisex in style, practical and waterproof. The sleek design means they can easily be worn on muddy dog walks while still being suitable for casual days out and pub drinks.

I'm hoping these can endure the heavy wear and tear caused by the daily dog walks, city adventures, and slow travels I will inevitably take them on; and when they do finally start to fall apart, I hope to mend them as best I can!