Summer Style Inspiration 2024

Summer Style Inspiration 2024

From neutrals to bright colours, tailored to oversized clothing, structured to flowing silhouettes; it's hard to pinpoint exactly what is trending in summer 2024 because there is a little bit of everything going on.

The sheer amount of microtrends that come and go at lightning speed has made it virtually impossible to say what is or isn't currently in season with any confidence. Fashion changes so quickly now that nothing is really trending because everything is trending all at once.

While there are a few notable trends for summer 2024, they are mostly just hot weather classics that never fall out of fashion: white sundresses, woven basket, bags, short shorts, layered jewellery, and slingbacks.

Although there are some fun microtrends to play with this season, like rose elements, embroidered details, bag charms, and bayonetta glasses. For colour and prints, powder blue and butter yellow along with stripes and gingham are the most popular choice.

Accessories play a huge role in putting together an on-trend summer outfit. Layered silver necklaces, charm jewellery, and personalised bags are the perfect way to refresh your wardrobe and create personalised outfits.

When everything and nothing is on-trend, it makes it easier to stop worrying about whether an outfit is fashionable and start focusing on developing your own personal style; and the best way to sustainably experiment with trends is by thrifting.

Vinted is now the most popular place to shop for second-hand clothing, and these thrifting tips will help you find a bargain if you need to add something "new" to your wardrobe.

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Silver Summer Jewellery

Silver jewellery, layering necklaces, shell pendants, and big earrings are all on-trend for summer 2024. Read an in-depth guide about each of the jewellery trends for summer 2024, the best jewellery to wear and how to style them.

Silver jewellery in particular is the metal of choice this season, reflecting the rising trend for gleaming textures and melty metallics. These are the best silver necklaces for layering and this is how to layer necklaces without tangling them.

Following on from the novelty bag trend, charm jewellery is a favourite for summer 2024. It's a fun way to add a playful element to outfits without having to overhaul your entire wardrobe. Enamel necklaces add a touch of playfulness to summer outfits without losing its chic edge.

Summer Style Inspiration 2024

My personal style inspiration for this season features classic summer outfits with an elegant style. Midaxi dresses, maxi skirts, linen trousers, and loose-fitting shirts; these timeless summer wardrobe staples provide the perfect base for incorporating elements from this season's trends.

As a diehard outfit repeater, I'm always looking for new ways to style my old clothes. An easy way to make an outfit feel new again is to experiment with current trends that appeal to my personal style.

Fashion trends are very rarely about specific items but rather the way you style them. If you pick trends that appeal to your personal style, it's possible to make them a permanent part of your wardrobe instead of being a brief feature in outfits.

If a trend doesn't suit my personal style or I'd struggle to make it work with my existing wardrobe, I simply admire it on other people rather than participating in the trend myself. But there are a few that stand out to me this season…

Gingham prints, embroidered details, bag charms, and enamel necklaces are all trends I can see myself wearing over summer and beyond; and even though I'm a gold jewellery lover, I'll be experimenting with layering silver necklaces too.

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Summer Style Inspiration 2024