How to Find Dog-Friendly Places to Eat and Drink

How to Find Dog-Friendly Places to Eat and Drink

Finding the perfect spot to enjoy a meal or a drink with your dog can be challenging. Outdated information and incorrect policies can lead to being turned away at the door and struggling to find somewhere at the last minute. Thankfully, the Eat Drink Meet website helps make dining out with your companion a more accessible and enjoyable experience.

Whether you're planning a family celebration or a catch-up with friends, the Eat Drink Meet website is specifically designed to help you discover the best dog-friendly pubs, restaurants, and bars in the UK, making it easy to plan a stress-free day out with your furry friend.

How to Use Eat Drink Meet to Find Dog-Friendly Places

Eat Drink Meet is the ultimate website for dog owners looking to find the best dog-friendly pubs, restaurants, and bars in the UK. With its user-friendly search functions, planning a dog-friendly day out has never been easier.

Use the website to find dog friendly pubs, restaurants, and bars near you, filtering by venue, from city bars to country pubs, with space for large groups, private parties, work meetings, or small gatherings. Whether you're looking for the perfect location for a first date or after work drinks with live music or a pub quiz, Eat Drink Meet can help you find the perfect location for a dog-friendly meet-up.

This is how to use Eat Drink Meet to explore the UK's best dog-friendly spots.

1. Search for Dog-Friendly Venues

Eat Drink Meet has a user-friendly search feature that allows you to find dog-friendly places to meet quickly and easily. Using the website's location-based search will pull up a list of dog-friendly places to eat and drink, with a photograph, description, and location details of the pub or restaurant. Included in each listing is the address and a map to help find the location, as well as opening hours, facilities, and a direct link to the website to make a booking.

2. Discover Special Features and Amenities

Eat Drink Meet highlights the special features and amenities that make each venue dog-friendly, including photographs of the venue location and accessible outdoor areas. Narrow down your search by applying filters based on venue type, occasion, and facilities needed. Eat Drink Meet will help you find exactly what you're looking for, whether it's a country pub with outdoor dining or a city bar with a roomy interior.

3. Plan a Dog-Friendly Day Out

Eat Drink Meet is not just about finding a place to eat or drink; it’s about planning a complete dog-friendly experience. The website has a feature that is perfect for planning a full day out with your companion. Each listing provides information on views and nearby landmarks, meaning you can plan some dog-friendly activities before or after stopping for a drink and a bite to eat.

4. Find Travel-Friendly Options

If you’re travelling within the UK, Eat Drink Meet can help you find dog-friendly venues along your route, making planning a road trip or vacation straightforward and trouble-free. Use the search to find dog-friendly pubs, restaurants, and bars in different cities and towns. Each listing provides a useful map, which can be used to find nearby parking, public transport connections, and dog-friendly accommodations.

5. Read Reviews and Ratings

Although there are no reviews on the Eat Drink Meet website, the listings make it easy to get a quick sense of an establishment's overall quality and dog-friendliness. On each venue listing there are interior shots of the pub or restaurant as well as a direct link to their website. From here you can check on the finer details, such as location suitability and any dog-friendly amenities provided.

6. Take a Chance on Recommendations

Trusting the recommendations on the Eat Drink Meet website will lead you to discovering hidden gems you never knew existed. Browse through the recommendations page to find dog-friendly pubs and restaurants, as well as must-visit venues and seasonal activities to enjoy with your companion.